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Dr Una Strand Vidarsdottir

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Development of modern shape variation (hard tissues); human evolution; craniofacial growth. Particularly the use of geometric morphometic techniques to study changes in craniofacial form during ontogeny.

Research Interests

  • Craniofacial growth
  • Development of modern human shape variation (hard tissues)
  • Human evolution
  • Particularly the use of Geometric morphometric techniques to study changes in craniofacial form during ontogeny

Selected Publications

Books: sections

  • Strand Vidarsdóttir, U. & O'Higgins, P. (2003). Developmental variation in the facial skeleton of anatomically modern Homo sapiens. In Patterns of Growth and Development in the Genus Homo. Thompson, J., Krovitz, G. & Nelson, A. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 114-143.
  • Strand Vidarsdottir, U. & O'Higgins, P. (1999). New approaches to the quantitative analysis of craniofacial growth and variation. In Human Growth in the Past: Studies from Bones and Teeth. Hoppa, R.D. & Fitzgerald, C.M. Cambridge University Press. 128-160.

Journal papers: academic

  • Plomp, K.A., Roberts, C.A. & Strand Vidarsdottir, U. (2013). Morphological Characteristics of Healthy and Osteoarthritic Joint Surfaces in Archaeological Skeletons. International Journal of Osteoarchaeology n/a.
  • King, CL, Bentley, RA, Tayles, N, Strand Vidarsdottir, U, Nowell, G & Macpherson, CG (2013). Moving peoples, changing diets: Isotopic differences highlight migration and subsistence changes in the Upper Mun River Valley, Thailand. Journal of Archaeological Science 40(4): 1681-1688.
  • Ottoni, C., Girdland Flink, L., Evin, A., Geörgi, C., De Cupere, E., Van Neer, W., Bartosiewicz, L., Linderholm, A., Barnett, R., Peters, J., Decorte, R., Waelkens, M., Vanderheyden, N., Ricaut, F.-X., Çakırlar, C., Çevik, Ö., Hoelzel, A.R., Mashkour, M., Karimlu, A.F.M., Seno, S.S., Daujat, J., Brock, F., Pinhasi, R., Hongo, H., Perez-Enciso, M., Rasumssen, M., Frantz, L., Megens, H.-J., Crooijmans, R., Groenen, M., Arbuckle, B., Benecke, N., Strand Vidarsdottir, U., Burger, J., Cucchi, T., Dobney, K. & Larson, G. (2013). Pig domestication and human-mediated dispersal in western Eurasia revealed through ancient DNA and geometric morphometrics. Molecular Biology and Evolution 30(4): 824-832.
  • Evin, A, Cucchi, T, Cardini, A, Strand Vidarsdottir, U, Larson, G & Dobney, K (2013). The long and winding road: identifying pig domestication through molar size and shape. Journal of Archaeological Science 40(1): 735-743.
  • Buck, T.J. & Strand Vidarsdottir, U. (2012). Craniofacial Evolution in Polynesia: A Geometric Morphometric Study of Population Diversity. American Journal of Human Biology 24(6): 776-785.
  • Plomp, KA, Roberts, CA & Strand Viðarsdóttir, U (2012). Vertebral morphology influences the development of Schmorl's nodes in the lower thoracic vertebrae. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 149(4): 572-582.
  • Stevens, S.D. & Strand Vidarsdottir, U. (2008). Morphological changes in the shape of the non-pathological bony knee joint with age: A morphometric analysis of the distal femur and proximal tibia in three populations of known age at death. International Journal Of Osteoarchaeology 18(4): 352-371.
  • Buck, T.J. & Strand Vidarsdóttir, U. (2004). A proposed method for the identification of race in sub-adult skeletons: a geometric morphometric analysis of mandibular morphology. Journal of Forensic Sciences 49(6): 1159-1164.
  • Strand Vidarsdóttir, U. & Cobb, S. (2004). Inter- and intra-specific variation in the ontogeny of the hominoid facial skeleton: testing assumptions on ontogenetic variability. Annals of Anatomy 186(5-6): 423-428.
  • Strand Vidarsdóttir, U. , O'Higgins, P. & Stringer, C. B. (2002). A geometric morphometric study of regional differences in the ontogeny of the modern human facial skeleton. Journal of Anatomy 201(3): 211-229.

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