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Durham University

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Staff Profile

Pankaj Vishe, PhD New York University

Personal web page

Associate Professor, Number Theory in the Department of Mathematical Sciences

(email at

Research Groups

Department of Mathematical Sciences

  • Pure Mathematics
  • Pure Mathematics: Algebra & Number Theory

Research Interests

  • Analytic Number Theory, Homogeneous Dynamics


Journal Article

  • Strombergsson, Andreas & Vishe, Pankaj (2020). An effective equidistribution result for SL(2,R)\ltimes (R^2)^{oplus k} and application to inhomogeneous quadratic forms. Journal of the London Mathematical Society 102(1): 143-204.
  • Marmon, Oscar & Vishe, Pankaj (2019). On the Hasse Principle for quartic hypersurfaces. Duke Mathematical Journal 168(14): 2727-2799.
  • Gorodnik, Alexander & Vishe, Pankaj (2018). Diophantine approximation for products of linear maps—logarithmic improvements. Transactions of the American Mathematical Society 370(1): 487-507
  • Browning, T.D. & Vishe, P. (2017). Rational curves on smooth hypersurfaces of low degree. Algebra and number theory 11(7): 1657-1675.
  • Browning, T.D. & Vishe, P. (2015). Rational points on cubic hypersurfaces over F(q,t). Geometric and Functional Analysis 25(3): 671-732.
  • Tanis, J. & Vishe, P. (2015). Uniform Bounds for Period Integrals and Sparse Equidistribution. International Mathematics Research Notices 2015(24): 13728-13756.
  • Browning,T.D. & Vishe, P. (2014). Cubic hypersurfaces and a version of the circle method for number fields. Duke Mathematical Journal 163(10): 1825-1883.
  • Vishe, P. (2013). A fast algorithm to compute L(1/2, f x X(q). Journal of Number Theory 133(5): 1502.