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Durham University

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Mr Rahul Chacko

Member of the Department of Physics

(email at

I am a PhD student in the group of Prof. Suzanne Fielding, working on two topics within the field of rheology, the study of flow.

The first is dense suspension rheology. This is the study of how concentrated systems of solid particles suspended in liquid behave under flow. Cornstarch suspended in water, or Oobleck, is the prototypical example of a suspension. Punch it, or dash across it, and it acts like an extremely thick liquid, or even a solid. Slowly stir it, however, and it resists the deformation much less.

More recently, I have been probing the assumptions underlying the Soft Glass Rheology model, which describes the behaviour of materials such as gels or soft suspensions, via particle simulations.

Research Groups

Centre for Materials Physics

  • Theory and simulation of soft condensed matter and biological physics
  • Theory and simulation of soft condensed matter and biological physics

Research Interests

  • Rheology of dense, non-Brownian suspensions
  • Wall slip in complex systems


Journal Article

  • Chacko, R. N., Mari, R., Cates, M. E. & Fielding, S. M. (2018). Dynamic Vorticity Banding in Discontinuously Shear Thickening Suspensions. Physical Review Letters 121(10): 108003.
  • Chacko, Rahul N., Mari, Romain, Fielding, Suzanne M. & Cates, Michael E. (2018). Shear Reversal in Dense Suspensions: The Challenge to Fabric Evolution Models from Simulation Data. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 847: 700-734.

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