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Dr Neil Visalvanich - all publications

Journal Article

  • Gell-Redman, Micah, Visalvanich, Neil, Crabtree, Charles & Fariss, Christopher J. (2018). It’s All About Race: How State Legislators Respond to Immigrant Constituents. Political Research Quarterly 71(3): 517-531.
  • Visalvanich, Neil (2017). Asian Candidates in America: The Surprising Effects of Positive Racial Stereotyping. Political Research Quarterly 70(1): 68-81.
  • Nielson, Lindsay & Visalvanich, Neil (2017). Primaries and Candidates: Examining the Influence of Primary Electorates on Candidate Ideology. Political Science Research and Methods 5(2): 397-408.
  • Visalvanich, Neil (2016). When Does Race Matter? Exploring White Responses to Minority Congressional Candidates. Politics, Groups, and Identities 5(4): 618-641.
  • Hassell, Hans J. G. & Visalvanich, Neil (2015). Call to (In)Action: The Effects of Racial Priming on Grassroots Mobilization. Political Behavior 39(4): 911-932.