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Durham University

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Dr Chris Willcocks

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Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 44854
Room number: E111a

(email at


I am an Assistant Professor in Computer Science at Durham University and a member of the Innovative Computing Group (ICG). I cofounded the research spinout company Intogral Limited (now which deploys deep learning models in the area of medical image computing. Previously I worked as a PDRA for Newcastle University, Durham University, and have been a visiting scholar at both the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). My interdisciplinary research focuses on providing elegant solutions to computationally expensive or ill-defined problems within computer science, physics, biology and chemistry. My theoretical interests are in:

  • Machine learning
  • Computational geometry
  • Generative models
  • Level-set methods
  • Machine reasoning

Please visit my website for more information.


I teach the year three deep learning and reinforcement learning submodule and the year two cyber security submodule. Slides and other material are available in the teaching section. Past teaching:

  • Deep Learning (2019-present)
  • Reinforcement Learning (2020-present)
  • Cyber Security (2017-present)
  • Machine Learning (2018)

Professional Activities

  • Area chair of the BMVA 2020 Conference.
  • Invited speaker at the 2020 Cyber Operational Conference.
  • Invited speaker and visiting faculty at Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), 13th Aug 2019.
  • Chair of BMVA symposium of ‘Deep Learning in 3-Dimensions’, 20th Feb 2019.
  • Speaker on BBC Sunday Politics discussing Cyber Security spending in public bodies.
  • Invited to present at Durham Celebrating Excellence research exhibition.
  • Member of W3C Web Assembly.
  • Reivewer for IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging.
  • Reivewer for IEEE Transactions on Image Processing.
  • Reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence.
  • List of seminars.

Research Groups

Department of Computer Science

  • Innovative Computing

Selected Publications

Journal Article

Conference Paper

  • Sasaki, H., Willcocks, C.G. & Breckon, T.P. (2020), Data Augmentation via Mixed Class Interpolation using Cycle-Consistent Generative Adversarial Networks Applied to Cross-Domain Imagery, Proc. Int. Conf. Pattern Recognition. IEEE.
  • Bond-Taylor, Sam & Willcocks, Chris G (2020), Gradient Origin Networks.
  • Isaac-Medina, B.K.S., Willcocks, C.G. & Breckon, T.P. (2020), Multi-view Object Detection Using Epipolar Constraints within Cluttered X-ray Security Imagery, Proc. Int. Conf. Pattern Recognition. IEEE.
  • Sunal, Cem Ekin, Willcocks, Chris G. & Obara, Boguslaw (2020), Real Time Fencing Move Classification and Detection at Touch Time during a Fencing Match, Proc. Int. Conf. Pattern Recognition. IEEE.
  • Chris G. Willcocks, Jonathan Frawley, Gregoire Payen de La Garanderie, Habib Maged, Geenen Caspar, David Steel & Boguslaw Obara (2018), Macular hole and edema segmentation with 3D image-to-image networks, International Society for Eye Research Conference. Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK.
  • Medhat, Fady, Mohammadi, Mahnaz, Jaf, Sardar, Willcocks, Chris, Breckon, Toby, Matthews, Peter, McGough, Andrew Stephen, Theodoropoulos, Georgios & Obara, Boguslaw (2018), TMIXT: A process flow for Transcribing MIXed handwritten and machine-printed Text, IEEE International Conference on Big Data. Seattle, WA, USA, IEEE.
  • Carl J. Nelson, Chris Willcocks, Philip T.G. Jackson, Philippe Laissue & Boguslaw Obara (2016), Application of high-speed level set segmentation to light sheet fluorescence microscopy, Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy International Conference. Sheffield, UK.
  • Nitin Mukerji, Carl J. Nelson, Chris Willcocks, Philip T.G. Jackson & Boguslaw Obara (2016), Real-time segmentation of brain vasculature and identification of anomalies in magnetic resonance angiography, European Congress of Neurosurgery. Athens, Greece.

Doctoral Thesis

  • Chris G. Willcocks (2013). Sparse Volumetric Deformation - Animating and rendering huge amounts of volumetric data using GPGPU computing. Durham University. PhD.

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