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Durham University

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Mr. Bruce Rawlings, MSc, BSc

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PhD student in the Department of Anthropology

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I completed my BSc in Psychology at the University of Plymouth, and my MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of York. From there, I conducted research work on a range of primate species, but with a particular focus on the evolution of social learning, culture and social network analysis. I have conducted field work investigating social learning in Brazil (capuchins) and Zambia (chimpanzees). I am now a PhD student at Durham University.

I am interested in the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that may shape learning strategies (asocial and/or social learning) and behavioural innovation in humans and primates. Specifically, my PhD is looking in to the relationships between personality and learning strategies, social networks and learning strategies and the interaction between personality, social networks and learning strategies in children and chimpanzees. 

I am a member of Durham's Centre for the Coevolution of Biology and Culture (CCBC) and thier Behaviour, Ecology and Evolution Research Centre (BEER).



Research Groups

Centre for Coevolution of Biology and Culture (CCBC)

Behaviour, Ecology and Evolution Research (BEER) Centre

Evolutionary Anthropology

Research Groups

Department of Anthropology

Research Interests

  • Behavioural innovation
  • Comparative Psychology
  • Cultural Evolution
  • Culture
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Learning strategies
  • Personality
  • Social learning
  • Social network analysis

Teaching Areas

  • I assist teaching in the Human Evolution and Diversity, and the Introduction to Anthropological Theories and Methods modules.

    (32 hours/year.)


Journal Article

  • Forrester, G. S., Rawlings, B. & Davila-Ross, M. (2016). An analysis of bimanual actions in natural feeding of semi‐wild chimpanzees. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 159(1): 85-92.
  • Baddeley, A., Rawlings, B. & Hayes, A. (2014). Constrained prose recall and the assessment of long-term forgetting the case of ageing and the Crimes Test. Memory 22(8): 1052-1059.
  • Rawlings, B., Davila-Ross, M. & Boysen, S. (2014). Semi-wild chimpanzees open hard-shelled fruits differently across communities. Animal Cognition 17(4): 891-899.
  • Schel, A., Rawlings, B., Claidiere N, Wilke, C. Wathen, J. Richardson, J. Person, S., Herrelko E.S., Whiten, A. & Slocombe, K. (2012). Network Analysis of Social Changes in a Captive Chimpanzee Community Following the Successful Integration of Two Adult Groups. American Journal of Primatology 75(3): 254.