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Prof John Linarelli

Professor in the Durham Law School
Ref Mentor, Durham Law School

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Professor John Linarelli holds a Chair in Commercial Law at Durham. He has served in professorial posts on both sides of the Atlantic, in both the UK and the USA. He joined Durham Law School in October 2014.

Professor Linarelli's research is interdisciplinary, in law, moral and political philosophy and economics. He holds a PhD in Philosophy from the University of California Riverside as well as degrees in Law.

Professor Linarelli’s research focuses extensively on inequality. His current projects include work on inequality in post-Great Recession banking and financial law. Forthcoming in early 2016 is his co-authored book, with M Sornarajah (NUS) and Margot Salomon (LSE), to be published with Oxford University Press, Beyond Global Capitalism: Reclaiming the Future of International Law, has edited and co-edited two major volumes on global justice and international economic law.

Professor Linarelli has longstanding research interests in commercial law. His research in commercial law is theoretical, comparative, and transnational.

Professor Linarelli is a leading expert on public procurement law. He is a co-author of Regulating Public Procurement: National and International Perspectives (Kluwer 2000) with Sue Arrowsmith (Nottingham) and Don Wallace Jr (Georgetown), one of the first works in the field with an international and comparative focus. He is Assistant Editor for the Public Procurement Law Review. 

Professor Linarelli has given a number of papers and talks globally, including in the UK, the US, China, and India. He has served as a Visiting Professor at Georgetown University Law Center and at Northeastern University School of Law. He will be Visiting Professor of Law at Jilin University School of Law in this upcoming academic year, affiliating with Jilin’s Centre for Jurisprudence Research and with the Judicial Innovation Centre, a collaboration between Jilin University, China University of Political Science and Law, and Wuhan University.

He has served in various capacities for the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, and other intergovernmental organizations. Professor Linarelli brings substantial Washington DC law firm practice experience to Durham. He is a member of the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia Bars (all inactive or associate status).

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Note on PhD Supervision

I welcome research proposals from potential applicants to Durham Law School’s PhD programme. I am interested in supervising PGR students willing to undertake a substantial interdisciplinary approach in their research. My main areas of interdisciplinary focus are in moral and political philosophy, with an emphasis on egalitarianism and inequality, and in particular in contractualist approaches to the law, as developed by John Rawls and TM Scanlon. I also have interests in law and economics, with emphases on behavioural economics, normative welfare economics, and political economy. Whilst you will undertake a dissertation in Law under my supervision, I hold a firm view that your dissertation will be much more rigorous and compelling if you commit to serious interdisciplinary work. To support you in this commitment, I will hold reading groups, in effect pro-seminars, with my postgraduate students, in which we read key texts together. If you are interested, I encourage you to submit a research proposal. 

Research Interests

  • Transnational Commercial Law
  • Legal Theory
  • Inequality and Egalitarian Theory
  • International Economic Law
  • Comparative and International Financial Law
  • Public Procurement Law


  • 1: Linarelli, John (2015). Luck, Justice and Systemic Financial Risk. Journal of Applied Philosophy
  • 2: Linarelli, John (2015). Concept and Contract in the Future of International Law. Rutgers University Law Review 67(1): 61-88.
  • 3: Linarelli, John (2014). How Trade Law Changed: Why it Should Change Again. Mercer Law Review 65(3): 621-668.
  • Linarelli, John (2016). Toward a Political Theory for Private International Law. Duke Journal of Comparative and International Law 26(2): 299-336.