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Dr Paige Scalf, B.M, M.M. M.A., PhD

(email at

Selected Publications

Journal Article

  • Cacciamani, Laura, Wager, Erica, Peterson, Mary A. & Scalf, Paige E. (2017). Age-Related Changes in Perirhinal Cortex Sensitivity to Configuration and Part Familiarity and Connectivity to Visual Cortex. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience 9: 291.
  • Simon, K.C., Gómez, R.L., Nadel, L. & Scalf, P.E. (2017). Brain correlates of memory reconsolidation: A role for the TPJ. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory 142(Part A): 154-161.
  • Monaghan, Andrew J., Morin, Cory W., Steinhoff, Daniel F., Wilhelmi, Olga, Hayden, Mary, Quattrochi, Dale A., Reiskind, Michael, Lloyd, Alun L., Smith, Kirk, Schmidt, Chris A., Scalf, Paige E. & Ernst, Kacey (2016). On the Seasonal Occurrence and Abundance of the Zika Virus Vector Mosquito Aedes Aegypti in the Contiguous United States. PLoS Currents
  • Wager, E.E., Peterson, M.A., Folstein, J.R. & Scalf, P.E. (2015). Ground-based inhibition: Suppressive perceptual mechanisms interact with top-down attention to reduce distractor interference. Journal of Vision 15(8): 9.
  • Cacciamani, L., Scalf, P.E. & Peterson, M.A. (2015). Neural evidence for competition-mediated suppression in the perception of a single object. Cortex 72: 124-139.
  • Scalf, P.E., Ahn, J., Beck, D.M. & Lleras, A. (2014). Trial History Effects in the Ventral Attentional Network. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 26(12): 2789-2797.

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