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Mr John Brennan - all publications

Journal Article

  • McGough, Andrew Stephen, Arief, Budi, Gamble, Carl, Wall, David, Brennan, John, Fitzgerald, John, van Moorsel, Aad, Alwis, Sujeewa, Theodoropoulos, Georgios & Ruck-Keene, Ed (2015). Detecting Insider Threats Using Ben-ware: Beneficial Intelligent Software for Identifying Anomalous Human Behaviour. Journal of Wireless Mobile Networks, Ubiquitous Computing, and Dependable Applications 6(4): 1-44.
  • Kureshi, I., Pulley, C., Brennan, J., Holmes, V., Bonner, S. & James, J. (2013). Advancing Research Infrastructure Using OpenStack. International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications 3(4): 63-69.

Conference Paper

  • Bonner, S, Brennan, J, Theodoropoulos, G, Kureshi, I & McGough, AS (2016), Efficient Comparison of Massive Graphs Through The Use Of 'Graph Fingerprints', Twelfth Workshop on Mining and Learning with Graphs (MLG) at KDD'16. San Francisco, USA, ACM.
  • Bonner, S., McGough, S., Kureshi, I., Brennan, J., Theodoropoulos, G., Moss, L., Corsar, D. & Antoniou, G. (2015), Data Quality Assessment and Anomaly Detection Via Map / Reduce and Linked Data: A Case Study in the Medical Domain, IEEE International Conference on Big Data. Santa Clara, IEEE, Santa Clara CA, 737-746.
  • McGough, A. Stephen, Wall, David, Brennan, John, Theodoropoulos, Georgios, Ruck-Keene, Ed, Arief, Budi, Gamble, Carl, Fitzgerald, John & van Moorsel, Aad (2015), Insider Threats: Identifying Anomalous Human Behaviour in Heterogeneous Systems Using Beneficial Intelligent Software (Ben-ware), Proceedings of the 7th ACM CCS International Workshop on Managing Insider Security Threats - MIST '15. Denver, USA, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), Denver CO, 1-12.
  • Brennan, J., Holmes, V., Bonner, S. & Kureshi, I. (2015), PBStoHTCondor system for campus grids, 2015 Science and Information Conference (SAI). London, UK, IEEE, London, 55-61.
  • Brennan, John , Kureshi, Ibad & Holmes, Violeta (2014), CDES: An Approach to HPC Workload Modelling, 2014 IEEE/ACM 18th International Symposium on Distributed Simulation and Real Time Applications. 47.
  • Lysik, K., Wasielewska, K., Paprzycki, M., Ganzha, M., Brennan, J., Holmes, V. & Kureshi, I. (2013), Combining AiG Agents with Unicore Grid for Improvement of User Support, 2013 First International Symposium on Computing and Networking. Matsuyama, Japan, IEEE, 66.
  • Bonner, S, Pulley, C, Kureshi, I, Holmes, V, Brennan, J & James, Y (2013), Using OpenStack to improve student experience in an H.E. environment, Science and Information Conference (SAI). London, England London.


  • Brennan, John, Paprzycki, Marcin, Holmes, Violeta, Ganzha, Maria, Kureshi, Ibad, Drozdowicz, Michal & Wasielewska, Katarzyna (2013), Scaling Campus Grids: Implementing a modified ontology based EMI-WMS on Campus Grids, EGI Community Forum 2013. Manchester, UK, EGI.