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Staff Profile

Dr Alan Greene, BCL, LL.M, PhD (UCD), PGCAP

Assistant Professor in Law in the Durham Law School
UG Admissions & Conversion Officer, Durham Law School
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 42798
Room number: PCL219

Contact Dr Alan Greene (email at

I hold BCL LLM and PhD degrees from UCD School of Law. My PhD, awarded in 2014, explores the impact that permanent states of emergencies can have on the constitutional order of a state and what controls are necessary on the decision to declare a state of emergency. I am currently in the process of converting my thesis into a monograph to be published by Hart Publishing, Oxford.

My current research builds upon some of the themes explored in my PhD, examining economic states of emergency and counter-terrorism. I am particularly interested in the idea of permanent emergencies and how law can confront or accommodate these ‘new’ realities.

I am also interested in human rights and constitutionalism more generally with an emphasis on the European Convention on Human Rights.

I joined Durham Law School in 2013 where I teach on The Individual and the State (judicial review), Advanced Issues in Public Law, and The Legal System of England and Wales.

I am very interested in hearing from potential postgraduate research students on topics such as emergency powers, counter-terrorism, constitutionalism and human rights, and constituent power.

I am currently on research leave for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Research Interests

  • Constituent Power
  • Constitutional Theory
  • Constitutionalism and Constitutional Law
  • Counter-Terrorism
  • Human Rights
  • Public Law
  • Rule of Law
  • States of Emergency

Teaching Areas

  • Advanced Issues in Public Law
  • Legal Studies
  • The Individual and the State


Chapter in book

  • Greene, Alan (Accepted). The Human Rights Act in a Culture of Control. In The Future of Human Rights in the UK. Smyth, Claire-Michelle Cambridge Cambridge Scholars Press.
  • Greene, Alan (2012). Declaring a State of Emergency under Article 28.3.3° of the Irish Constitution: A Purely Political Question? In The Constitution of Ireland: Perspectives and Prospects. Carolan, Eoin Bloomsbury.

Journal Article

  • Greene, Alan (2017). Defining Terrorism: One Size Fits All? International and Comparative Law Quarterly 66(2): 411-440.
  • Greene, Alan (2016). Pouvoirs Anti-Terroristes Permanents Au Royaume-Uni: Quelles Leçons Pour La France? Archives de politique Criminelle 38(1): 169-187.
  • Greene, Alan (2016). Through the Looking Glass? Irish and UK Approaches to Strasbourg Jurisprudence. Irish Jurist 55(1): 112-133.
  • Greene, Alan (2015). Questioning Executive Supremacy in an Economic State of Emergency. Legal Studies 35(4): 594-620.
  • Greene, Alan (2014). The Quest for a Satisfactory Definition of Terrorism: R v Gul. Modern Law Review 77(5): 780-793.
  • Dzehtsiarou, Kanstantsin & Greene, Alan (2013). Restructuring the European Court of Human Rights: Preserving the Right of Individual Petition and Promoting Constitutionalism. Public Law 2013: 710-719.
  • Greene, Alan (2012). Natural Law and the Basic Norm of the Irish Constitution. Irish Law Times 30(19): 298-300.
  • Greene, Alan (2012). The Historical Evolution of Article 28.3.3° of the Irish Constitution. Irish Jurist 47(1): 117-142.
  • Dzehtsiarou, Kanstantsin & Greene, Alan (2011). Legitimacy and the Future of the European Court of Human Rights: Critical Perspectives from Academia and Practitioners. German Law Journal 12(10): 1707-1715.
  • Greene, Alan (2011). Separating Normalcy from Emergency: The Jurisprudence of Article 15 of the European Convention on Human Rights. German Law Journal 12(10): 1764-1785.
  • Greene, Alan (2011). Shielding the State of Emergency: Organised Crime in Ireland and the State's Response. Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly 62(3): 249-267.
  • Casey, Donal, Dobbs, Mary, Greene, Alan, Lawless, James & Mulholland, Niamh (2011). Transforming Researchers into Educators: Some Reflections on the University College Dublin School of Law Syllabus Design Workshop 2010. German Law Journal 12(7): 1510-1528.

Book review

  • Greene, Alan (2017). The Constitutional Value of Sunset Clauses. ICONnect: Blog of the International Journal of Constitutional Law
  • Greene, Alan (2011). Review: Brice Dickson, The European Convention on Human Rights and the Conflict in Northern Ireland. Irish Jurist 45: 249-250.

Edited Journal

  • Dzehtsiarou, Kanstantsin & Greene, Alan (2011). Special Issue: Legitimacy and the Future of the European Court of Human Rights: Critical Perspectives from Academia and Practitioners. German Law Journal, 12 (10).

Newspaper/Magazine Article

  • Greene, Alan (2017). Linking lone wolf killers to Islamic State magnifies the threat – and could inspire future attacks. The Conversation
  • Greene, Alan (2017). Trump's Travel Ban is Nothing to Do with National Security. The Conversation
  • Greene, Alan (2016). Anjem Choudary sought to divide Muslims from the rest of us; don't let him win. International Business Times
  • Greene, Alan (2016). France, Turkey and human rights: is a state of emergency the new normal? The Conversation
  • Greene, Alan (2016). Orlando massacre shows our understanding of ‘terrorism’ is too focused on jihad. The Conversation
  • Greene, Alan (2016). We seem to have forgotten that the Special Criminal Court is supposed to be exceptional. The
  • Greene, Alan (2016). What Islamic State speaking in an English accent tells us about the group’s strategy. The Conversation
  • Greene, Alan (2015). As ‘Jihadi John’ is unmasked, counter-terrorism tactics must also be unpicked. The Conversation
  • Greene, Alan (2015). British government to fight all ‘extremists’ – but mainly Muslims. The Conversation
  • Greene, Alan (2015). Opinion: those criticising the President for signing Bills into law are overestimating his power. The
  • Greene, Alan (2014). Basic human rights under threat again in panic to stop UK jihadis. The Conversation
  • Greene, Alan (2014). Iraq air strikes vote reveals a contradiction at heart of UK law. The Conversation
  • Greene, Alan (2014). Our anti-terrorism laws aren’t equipped to handle Britons who fight jihad elsewhere. The Conversation
  • Greene, Alan (2014). Vague promises about seizing passports won’t fight off the Islamic State. The Conversation
  • Greene, Alan (2013). Criminal justice policy should be shaped by our heads, not our hearts. The

Other (Digital/Visual Media)

  • Greene, Alan (2016). Human Rights and the 'Mission Creep' of Magna Carta.

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