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Dr Halim Kusumaatmaja - all publications

Authored book

  • Krüger, Timm, Kusumaatmaja, Halim, Kuzmin, Alexandr, Shardt, Orest, Silva, Goncalo & Viggen, Erlend Magnus (2017). The Lattice Boltzmann Method: Principles and Practice. Springer.

Chapter in book

  • Kusumaatmaja, H. & Yeomans, J. M. (2010). Lattice Boltzmann Simulations of Wetting and Drop Dynamics. In SIMULATING COMPLEX SYSTEMS BY CELLULAR AUTOMATA. Hoekstra, A. G., Kroc, J. & Sloot, P. M. A. HEIDELBERGER PLATZ 3, D-14197 BERLIN, GERMANY: SPRINGER-VERLAG BERLIN. 241-274.

Journal Article

  • Sadullah, M. S., Semprebon, C. & Kusumaatmaja, H. (2018). Drop Dynamics on Liquid Infused Surfaces: The Role of the Lubricant Ridge. Langmuir
  • Guiselin, B., Law, J. O., Chakrabarti, B. & Kusumaatmaja, H. (2018). Dynamic morphologies and stability of droplet interface bilayers. Physical Review Letters 120(23): 238001.
  • Law, Jack O., Wong, Alex G., Kusumaatmaja, Halim & Miller, Mark A. (2018). Nucleation on a sphere: the roles of curvature, confinement and ensemble. Molecular Physics
  • Wöhrwag, M., Semprebon, C., Mazloomi Moqaddam, A., Karlin, I. & Kusumaatmaja, H. (2018). Ternary free-energy entropic lattice Boltzmann model with high density ratio. Physical Review Letters 120(23): 234501.
  • Semprebon, C., McHale, G. & Kusumaatmaja, H. (2017). Apparent Contact Angle and Contact Angle Hysteresis on Liquid Infused Surfaces. Soft Matter 13(1): 101-110.
  • Hemingway, Ewan J., Kusumaatmaja, Halim & Fielding, Suzanne M. (2017). Edge Fracture in Complex Fluids. Physical Review Letters 119(2): 028006.
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  • Semprebon, C., Krüger, T. & Kusumaatmaja, H. (2016). Ternary Free Energy Lattice Boltzmann Model with Tunable Surface Tensions and Contact Angles. Physical Review E: covering statistical, nonlinear, biological, and soft matter physics 93(3): 033305.
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