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Durham University

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Dr Maximilien Gadouleau, MSc PhD

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Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 41729
Room number: E321

(email at

Personal webpage

I am an Associate Professor in Computer Science in the Algorithms and Complexity group.

I received my MSc and PhD in Computer Engineering from Lehigh University in December 2005 and May 2009, respectively. After graduation, I held a postdoctoral research position in Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne, France until May 2010. I then was a postdoctoral research assistant in the Theoretical Computer Science group at Queen Mary, University of London until December 2011. I moved to Durham on January 2012.

I am a member of the IEEE and the IEEE Information Theory Society and of the London Mathematical Society.

My research interests include coding theory, network coding and information theory. I study their connection to other branches of mathematics, such as combinatorics, graph theory, discrete optimisation, matroid theory, logic and group theory. I also investigate their possible application to network design, data storage, cryptography, data compression and more recently computation models.

Research Groups

Department of Computer Science

  • Algorithms and Complexity

Research Interests

  • Boolean networks
  • Coding theory
  • Combinatorics
  • Information theory
  • Semigroups

Selected Publications

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Journal Article

Conference Paper

  • Castillo-Ramirez, Alonso & Gadouleau, Maximilien (2016), On Finite Monoids of Cellular Automata, in Cook, Matthew & Neary, Turlough eds, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 9664 International workshop on cellular automata and discrete complex systems. Zurich, Switzerland, Springer, 90-104.
  • Zeh, Alexander, Wachter-Zeh, Antonia, Gadouleau, Maximilien & Bezzateev, Sergey (2013), Generalizing Bounds on the Minimum Distance of Cyclic Codes Using Cyclic Product Codes, IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory 2013 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory. Istanbul, Turkey, IEEE, Istanbul, 126-130.
  • Riis, Søren & Gadouleau, Maximilien (2011), A Dispersion Theorem for Communication Networks Based on Term Sets, IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory. St Petersburg, Russia, St Petersburg, 667-671.
  • Gadouleau, Maximilien & Riis, Søren (2011), Max-Flow Min-Cut Theorem for Rényi Entropy in Communication Networks, IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory. St Petersburg, Russia, St Petersburg, 677-681.
  • Riis, Søren & Gadouleau, Maximilien (2011), Network Coding Theorem for Dynamic Communication Networks, IEEE International Symposium on Network Coding. Beijing, China, Beijing, 1-6.
  • Gadouleau, Maximilien & Goupil, Alban (2010), Binary Codes for Packet Error and Packet Loss Correction in Store and Forward, International ITG Conference on Source and Channel Coding. Siegen, Germany, Siegen, 1-6.
  • Gadouleau, Maximilien & Yan, Zhiyuan (2009), Construction and Covering Properties of Constant-Dimension Codes, IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory. Seoul, South Korea, Seoul, 2221-2225.
  • Gadouleau, Maximilien & Yan, Zhiyuan (2008), Complexity of Decoding Gabidulin Codes, CISS. Princeton, NJ, Princeton NJ, 1081-1085.
  • Gadouleau, Maximilien & Yan, Zhiyuan (2006), Security of the GPT-Type Cryptosystems, IEEE ISIT. Seattle, WA, Seattle WA, 724-728.
  • Gadouleau, Maximilien & Yan, Zhiyuan (2005), A Private-Key Cryptosystem Based on the Rank Metric, Algebraic Methods in Cryptography Workshop. Beijing. China, Beijing.

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Indicators of Esteem

  • 2018: Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland: Research Assessor:
  • 2017: EPSRC Peer Review College member: