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Everyone Welcome Online

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Everyone Welcome to the Future

Our second core document, published on May 28th, is about embracing an exciting future.

There are a lot of new online churchgoers - the document tries to work out how many. Then it suggests how to welcome people into church and faith today, and how to plan for a mixed in-person-online church future. Lockdown and online give us a unique opportunity to re-think and re-grow our churches.

Will we take the enormous opportunity we have been given?

Read: Everybody Welcome to the Future


Bob Jackson and George Fisher


Updated Text

Everybody Welcome Online - UPDATE!

We're pleased to provide an update to the EWO document.

In this new document, we look at:

  • Safeguarding
  • Church Stories
  • Good Practice
  • How to Conduct Great Online PCC Meetings
  • Zoom
  • Accessibility and Online Church
  • Spiritual and Theological Reflections Link

Enjoy the update


George Fisher


Wilcox Quote

Welcome from Bob Jackson and George Fisher

Among all the other lockdown shocks, there was some consternation in the churches when we got closed down!

But we didn’t close down. We went online.

Churches are on a steep learning curve, and some are on a steep growing curve. To assist learning and growing, we’ve asked many churches for stories and wisdom in the early weeks of lockdown church.

Read our core document ‘Everybody Welcome Online’, which extends our training course for in-person church, ‘Everybody Welcome’. On the next page, we provide the five parts of the report in separate downloads.

Tell your friends about it.

It tries to make sense of what is happening (pp4-9), looks at who is being attracted to online church and why (pp1-12), how best to communicate with and welcome everyone online (pp14-20), and what we should be doing to prepare for 'Unlock Sunday' (pp22-23).

We will keep updating and adding resources and stories over time from your feedback ot us (p.25).

We’ve teamed up with Peter Phillips, Director of the Durham University Centre for Digital Theology. We think their time has come! Check out the related sites. And we are grateful to CPAS for professionalising the presentation in such a short space of time,

Ven Bob Jackson (Visiting Fellow St Johns College Durham)
Revd George Fisher (Retired Director of Mission Lichfield Diocese)

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