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Durham University

Centre for Digital Theology

Centre for Digital Theology

Centre for Digital Theology

What is Digital Theology?

Digital Theology involves reflecting on the digitalisation of society and its implications for Christian faith and practice. Technological innovations are causing a whole raft of social changes across many aspects of life in the twenty-first century. The Christian Church too, like many other religions, is changing through its engagement with social media, its communication through websites, and increasing use of digital technology in worship, in pastoral practice and in evangelism. The basic premise of Digital Theology is that this emerging digital culture is a new condition in which the church finds itself. This demands fresh theological conversations and new approaches.

What do we do?

We are a research centre – so our staff write both academic papers and publications as well as writing for a more general audience. A report exploring some of our work on digital millennials and the Bible was recently published in partnership with Barna and Bible Society. We supervise postgraduate students researching at Durham and elsewhere. Our MediaLit course offers a great opportunity for those seeking an introduction to theological reflections and practical training on digital cutlure.

About the Centre

The Centre for Digital Theology will be place of research, inquiry, translation, re-coding and re-engineering between faiths millennia old and the contemporary digital world. Our aim is to research and to transform the theological conversation concerning digital culture and thereby be at the forefront of Digital Theology. Our research is both theoretical and applied – listening to voices from the public, from the pew and from the academy; both a servant of the Church and a prophetic voice to the Church and society; developing the practical outcomes of our research into reports, resources and training opportunities. Apart from the in-house staff the Centre for Digital Theology includes a much larger network of people exploring together the impact digital culture is making on contemporary pedagogy, the world of faith and discipleship, and on our engagement with the Bible and other sacred texts. Click here for further information.

Getting in Touch

  • We are frequently invited to speak at conferences, events and faith festivals. Any invites should be sent initially to either Pete Phillips or Jonas Kurlberg.
  • We run MediaLit – a week long course for faith practitioners exploring both the practicalities and theology of digital culture, communication and faith - bookings can be made via the MediaLit page.
  • For information concerning the world first MA in Digital Theology, contact Pete Phillips
  • We update our Facebook page regularly with news, events and team citations on the media. Please like the page!
  • We also have a Twitter account you can follow, as do most of our team members. Please follow us!