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Evening Talk

(8 June 2018)

This talk entitled 'From Doon Hill to the Hills of Hollywood - Uncovering the Truth of Our Past Through Family History and Television' will be presented by researcher Megan Olshefski on Monday, 11 June at 6pm in the Learning Centre, Palace Green Library. This event is in association with Palace Green Library's summer exhibition 'Bodies of Evidence: How science unearthed Durham's dark secret'. Tickets are priced at £9.50 and include a repeat visit ticket to the exhibition with exclusive after-hours access between 5pm and 6pm on the day of the talk. Tickets can be purchased via Eventbrite

In 1650, the Scottish Prisoners from Dunbar probably did not realize that 368 years into the future, their lives would be investigated by a historical researcher over 5,000 miles away. Join one of the researchers from the award-winning genealogical television programme, Who Do You Think You Are? (US) as she discusses how she met the Scots and introduced them to Hollywood. Megan Olshefski will discuss life "behind-the-scenes" as a historical researcher in Hollywood, and if we really should pay attention to our long-dead ancestors.

Every day, Megan Olshefski brings the dead back to life. Through her training as a historian and work as a historical researcher for Hollywood, Megan enlightens millions of viewers on the long forgotten stories of our ancestors. Her most recent work was for the award-winning genealogical television programme, Who Do You Think You Are? (US); through which she was first introduced to the Scottish Prisoners of Dunbar. Aside from working for Who Do You Think You Are? (US), Megan has researched and produced programmes for NBC Universal Studios and National Geographic. Her alma mater is the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) where she graduated with Honours