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Application to be editor/writer at the Economics society

(15 October 2020)

We are now open for recruitment of new editors and writers for Ceteris Paribus, the official journal of Durham University Economics Society. Please register your interest by Friday, 23 October through this form.

As a writer, you will be expected to:

- identify a topic of interest (the Editor and/or Chief Editors will guide you on this)

- write articles regularly (you are required to write at least 2 articles over the year)

- send articles to your assigned Editor in advance of deadline

- consult feedback and make necessary changes before submitting to the Chief Editors

Essays of satisfactory quality will be posted in the online journal.

As an Editor, you will be guiding a team of 3-5 writers and are expected to:

- set a deadline so that your team produces at least one article fortnightly

- help writers identify topics and prevent topics from overlapping

- edit submissions of articles by writers

- provide feedback on submissions

We will contact you shortly if you apply to be an Editor as we will require further information.

You are free to apply for both the Writer and Editor roles, but please note that places for the Editor role are limited. Applications will run until the 23rd of October and on a rolling basis.

As per our tradition, the best articles will be printed and published in the Ceteris Paribus annual issue. Check out the 2019-20 issue here:

Please contact the Chief Editor (Tatyana Wu), who is happy to answer your questions and/or provide more guidance, via emailing

To be prioritised, get your DUES membership here:

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