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(16 April 2021)

We’re delighted to let you know that on Thursday 29 April, 12pm-1.30pm, Women@DU will be welcoming behavioural change specialist Shahroo Izadi to lead a “Kindness Method” workshop. You can get your tickets here

The Kindness Method workshop is designed to equip attendees to self-implement bespoke plans of behaviour change, that enable them to thrive personally and professionally. You’ll come away with a bespoke wellbeing plan, a range of transferable tools, new insights and inspiration to help you stay on track, and a boost in self-belief, morale, and self-compassion. Presenting her content in a guided webinar format enables attendees to get very honest about their unwanted behaviours very quickly, and truly invest in themselves. All you need to bring is a notebook and pen!

Shahroo's approach is inspired by her experience of working across the UK addiction treatment sector. She learned there that the evidence-based psychological programs proving most effective in treating addictions do not simply focus on how to change one problematic habit. They more broadly equip individuals with a diverse range of personal development tools for everyday life. They empower people to create entire lifestyles to accommodate their healthier habits. They help to build the fundamental self-compassion, self-belief and self-awareness required to make lasting and meaningful changes over and over again independently. Shahroo was convinced that the general population could benefit from variations on the same tools and approaches that she was seeing transform people's lives in addiction recovery. She began to combine and adapt all of the most effective, compassion-based elements into a practical toolkit of written exercises and motivational information; adding her own observations and experience as she went.

You can read more about Shahroo here;

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