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The blueprint for our digital future

(12 February 2021)

Today, we are delighted to be sharing our Digital Strategy with the University. The strategy outlines why as a leading global University, with ambitious future plans, it is vitally important that we underpin our work and study with the appropriate digital tools and technology. Read on to find out more about our Digital Strategy.

We need to ensure IT is planned for, prioritised and delivered against University objectives. Our Digital Strategy does this and will enable us to be “A leading University offering a digital environment that enables and empowers people towards the extraordinary.”

Why do we need a Digital Strategy?

Our Digital Strategy is an institution-wide strategy, not an IT department strategy.

Digital technology has many touch points with students, staff, alumni and society. It’s therefore important that we look at our digital strategy from an institutional perspective and align these goals to the broader organisational goals.

Our Strategy therefore defines the digital tools and transformative mindset we will need to achieve our strategic aims of our University strategy.

How did we create it?

The Digital Strategy has been developed in consultation with hundreds of stakeholders from across the University over the past 18 months. This is a culmination of many workshops and focus groups, as well as two staff surveys.

All of these findings and recommendations have then been put alongside our institutional goals and strategic objectives, as well as best-practice and sector benchmarking.

Upon aligning these, we’ve then consulted with the UEC leads for each strategic area. From this, we have developed the digital priority areas of focus for each part of the University.

Why should I be interested?

The strategy is focused on delivering benefit not just technology. We want our staff, students and alumni to see tangible and measurable benefits that help them in their everyday tasks and provides the opportunity for all to flourish.

Consequently, it will challenge us all to work and study differently, to embrace new ways of working and to deliver efficiencies.

Delivering this strategy is not a trivial undertaking. It will require a change in mind-set as to how we approach digital technology, how we work, and how we deliver transformation within our organisation.

Where can I get a copy?

We have produced three formats of the document available for you to download:

What can I do to get involved?

There’s an opportunity for everyone to get involved in our digital future and have your say. We want to know what’s working and what’s not. Where are there opportunities for improvement, and collectively how can we empower our people towards achieving the extraordinary?

Send your thoughts and ideas to

John Hemingway will be talking to Professor Corbridge about the Digital Strategy at the March town hall, so please bring your questions and take part in the conversation.


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