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How much is your data worth to you?

(29 January 2021)

To mark international Data Protection Day, we’re asking all staff to think about the value of your data. Did you know that email addresses and passwords are for sale on the dark web for as little as £1.60? Thursday 28 January was Data Protection Day, and we’ve put together a short video that can help you keep your data safe.

When thinking about your data firstly consider if the data you are being asked to share is relevant. If you’re signing up to Netflix or any video streaming service, they are going to need an email address to contact you and your bank details. But do they need to know your primary school or medical history?

Ask yourself if the data you’re being asked to share is relevant to the service you’re signing up for. The less you share the safer it will be.

Secondly, pause when asked to hand over your data. We’re often in a rush to share data because we’re asked for it at the point of purchase. Everyone loves a discount, but is the data you’re about to hand over really worth 10% off a bill of £13? Take a moment to consider the value of the trade before committing to handing over your data.

And finally, build good habits at home and at work. For example, if you sign up for something with a work email address, it shares where you work with that company. So, if you’re shopping online, booking an Airbnb or booking train travel for a conference, consider what information you need to share.

Knowing the value of your data is a key step in understanding what personal data you should share with companies.

For more information on this or to learn more about staying safe online, visit our dedicated webpages.

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