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MLAC's Decolonising Research Group launches

(30 October 2020)

The first research group dedicated to critically engaging with decolonising education has been established at the School of Modern Languages and Cultures, and it's led by postgraduates, supported by the highest levels of faculty and open to undergraduates, staff and non-university contributors. Read on for more information about our events, competitions and research.

Logo competition

The Decolonising MLAC Research Group is kicking off with a logo competition worth £50, plus full accreditation for the chosen submission. This is a great opportunity to develop your portfolio and to step into a creative space. Submissions can be drawings, graphics, photographs, etc.  just try to capture the spirit and ethos of the group.

For inspiration you might want to look at our website. Becreative and submit as many ideas as you can imagine to The deadline is Friday the 7 of November.

Further information

The 'Reading Group' meets every other Wednesday at 6pm and the next session will be the 4 of November. This time we will look at 'Black Ballet' and how we can learn from the Black women pushing the boundaries of an artform steeped in a colonial history and a racially biased present. What can we see in the experiences of Black Prima Ballerina Misty Copeland that might inform how we proceed with decolonising the MLAC experience? Join us as we learn from her example and move forward with our own research objectives.

The Writing Group will be starting up shortly and this is where we will help each other to synthesise texts, articles and essays that articulate anti-racist agendas and negotiate critical race theory. Develop your own voice as an advocate-activist and as an intellectual-scholar; speak with clarity and give your ideas direction; engineer new, decolonial perspectives in your own work, and feed off of other members and mentors that share in, and support, the same mission.

The 'Speaker Series' will be running year-round, platforming diverse and intersectional academics and non-academics with deeply informed perspectives on the role of decolonised education in society today. These events will focus on active participation and discussion in order to consider practical solutions, and therefore, promise to offer an entirely new experience and environment for systemic change.

The above events will be held on Zoom, so please contact for the links to the events, and for the external registration links for non-university attendees.

This movement depends on change at every level of society, but we will begin with what we have at our fingertips. Our school, staff and students, our neighbours, friends and family, and you. If you want to contribute, if you have ideas or suggestions, big or small, reach out and we will be in touch.

Thank you.

The Decolonising MLAC Research Group

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