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Returning library books for international students

(24 April 2020)

If you are an overseas student leaving the UK, we have been able to make arrangements for you to leave University Library books in Durham. To help protect you, our staff and our books please read and follow our instructions carefully.

For overseas students living within College accommodation:

  • Please leave the books in your room, clearly labelled ‘Library Books.’

If you are living outside of College or in private accommodation:

  • Please put the University Library books in a bin-bag (or similar). Clearly mark the bag ‘Library Books.’

Take the bag to the following locations:

  • Hild Bede College reception, between 10.30am and 11am Monday - Friday
  • Trevelyan College reception, between 1pm and 2pm Monday - Friday

Please do not take books to the Colleges outside the times stated, as the buildings will not be open or accessible. Do not leave bags of books outside the College – they may get damaged or stolen. You are still responsible for the books.

Please note the books will not be removed from your record until we are able to collect the books and re-enter the Library.

If you are a UK student:

  • Please take the books home with you. We will make arrangements UK-wide for return of Library books later.

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