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Ever wondered how you can reduce your energy bill?

(24 January 2020)

Energy wastage can be eliminated by making small and simple changes in your day to day lives. For example, keeping the lid on a saucepan reduces energy usage by up to 90 per cent. The Energy Saving Trust believes that an average UK home wastes between £50 and £86 each year by leaving appliances on standby. Turning your monitor off at night, rather than leaving it on standby, will reduce your carbon footprint and electricity use. Why not take the Energy Quiz to find out more interesting facts and tips?

A computer display in full use gobbles up 65 watts – but still uses 12 watts when in sleep mode. Using the staff numbers that’s over 1,200kWh consumed by monitors outside working hours. Which would be 1 per cent of the University’s total electricity consumption in 2018/19.

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