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Participate in sleep research and earn £100 worth of High Street vouchers

(17 January 2020)

We are ooking for non-mothers of reproductive age and new mothers with babies under three months old that are either exclusively formula-feeding or exclusively breastfeeding to take part in a new study into new-mum sleep at the parent-infant sleep centre. If you're interested in taking part, please email, or fill out this very brief form to register your interest and we'll be in touch.

If you're over 18 and a non-smoker living in and around County Durham then you're eligible to take part! We're looking into new mum sleep and how differences in sleep across infant-feeding types and between mothers and non-mothers are related to mood and daytime functioning.

To participate, you'll need to keep a sleep diary for 5 nights a month for 6 months, and wear an Actiwatch for those nights (n.b. this is like a Fitbit and will be provided). You will also spend 3 nights in the sleep centre across the 6 month period (at 2-3, 4, and 6 months). Where applicable, your baby will also wear an Actiwatch and will come with you to the sleep centre.

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