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Important information for all Windows 10 users

(8 November 2019)

CIS is updating all University-provided Windows 10 desktops. The update will install in the background like all Microsoft updates, however it will require a long reboot to complete. Please note that this reboot can take between 10 and 30 minutes depending on your computer’s performance. You will be prompted when the reboot is required and we recommend you choose to suspend the reboot until a convenient time such as a lunch break or when you leave work for the day.

The teaching desktops have already been updated over the summer vacation.

If you use a managed Windows 10 your computer will be updated on the following date:

  • 11/11/19 Queens Campus
  • 18/11/19 Upper Mountjoy
  • 25/11/19 Central Durham
  • 02/12/19 Lower Mountjoy Professional Support Services/Social Sciences and Health
  • 09/12/19 Lower Mountjoy - Sciences
  • 16/12/19 Hill Colleges excluding DUBS
  • 06/01/20 DUBS

There shouldn’t be any noticeable differences to your computer once the update is complete. In the unlikely event of any issues please contact the IT Service Desk by logging a new call at or by calling us on 41515.

Further information about the update:

These updates bring extra security fixes and new features to the Windows desktop and are released twice a year. This update is referred to as 1903, which is the year and the approximate month it was released. The current version of Windows 10 that we support is 1803, which is now over a year old and has less than a year of support remaining.

Please note any new staff desktops over the past few months and all of teaching will already be running this update and will not be affected as they already have it.

More information on Windows 10 updates can be found here

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