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Institute of Advanced Study (IAS) - Events Epiphany Term 2019

(22 February 2019)

The IAS’s calendar of events continues with a number of lectures in the next fortnight, as well as future seminars and other events linked to the IAS's 2018/19 sponsored projects and its visiting Fellows. IAS Fellows each deliver a public lecture, and there are three lectures remaining this term. A full events listing is available online.

IAS Fellows’ Public Lectures

25 February 2019, 5.30 – 6.30pm, Birley Room, Hatfield College Dr Zakaria Almsherqi (National University of Singapore) Cubic Membranes: the nature nano-gallery of art For further details, please visit:

28 February 2019, 5.30 – 6.30pm, Sheraton Park, Ustinov College Professor Jurriaan Huskens (University of Twente) Small Solutions for Big Problems: nanoscience contributing to artificial photosynthesis For further details, please visit:

04 March 2019, 5.30 – 6.30pm, Sports Hall, Howlands, Josephine Butler College Dr Michael Sevel (University of Sydney) The Rule of Law and its Value For further details, please visit: 


IAS Fellows’ Seminars

IAS Fellows also deliver a seminar within the IAS, which is open to all staff and students. Places are limited and must be registered in advance either at or via


Upcoming Seminars are as follows.

25 February 2019, 1pm, Seminar Room, Institute of Advanced Study Dr Maria Tysiachniouk (Wageningen University) Oil and people in the Arctic, scientific and artistic view For further details, please visit:

04 March 2019, 1pm, Seminar Room, Institute of Advanced Study Professor Robert Schuetze (Durham University) The Changing Legal Structure of the EU Market For further details, please visit:

11 March 2019, 1pm, Seminar Room, Institute of Advanced Study, Professor Rodney J Bartlett (University of Florida), The Transition to the Dark Side: Adventures in Density Functional Theory by a Wavefunction Theorist: A different, powerful perspective

For further details, please visit:


IAS Sponsored Project Activities 

Each year the IAS sponsors four interdisciplinary projects. A variety of events and activities are convened by the leaders of these projects, and details of forthcoming project related events are noted below.

Who are “We the People”? Community beyond the state

The people” are sovereign; “the people’s will” must prevail; but who are “the people”? Who gets to belong to this group, and who decides? How do individuals coalesce into a collective “people”, and what other communities are formed in the same way?

This project, drawing on Durham’s strengths in Classics, Law, Human Geography, Politics, and History, investigates how individuals come together to form communities which are legal or social entities in themselves.

Seminar Series

This series continues with the following:

26 February 2019, Dr Richard Huzzey (History, Durham) and Dr Henry Miller (History, Durham), Colonial Subjects and Petitions to Parliament, c. 1780-1918

5 March 2019, Professor Paul Pickering (History, ANU/IAS), Who decides who are the People?

Seminars take place at 4pm in the Seminar Room, Institute of Advanced Study in Cosin’s Hall. To attend please contact Dr Amy Russell (


7-8 March 2019, Birley Room, Hatfield College

What other forms of legally or culturally defined community exist, and how do they relate to the legal entities defined by the state? How should we understand communities larger or smaller than the state, or not defined by state boundaries? What is the range of possibilities for citizenship, community, and belonging?

This informal, international, and interdisciplinary workshop will explore a range of questions relating to the people and peoplehood, as part of the IAS Major Project ‘Who are “We the People”? Community Beyond the State’. For more information on the project, see

Papers will be short and informal, and discussion is encouraged.

All welcome, but registration required. Registration is free and includes tea/coffee and snacks during the workshop. To register, please email by 25 February 2019.

Dynamic Interactions at Cell Membrane Interfaces

Membrane Nanoparticles (MNPs) are small vesicles ubiquitously released into bodily fluids from cells. They have therapeutic potential in immune therapy, vaccination, regenerative medicine, drug delivery, personalized medicine and point-of-care market (projected £1 billion/year by 2022). This project aims to exploit technology developed by engineers and physicists at Durham to measure the biophysical properties of synthetic membrane nano-vesicles, and to develop an interdisciplinary network of UK scientists and companies interested in the field.

No events this week.

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