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Economic and Social Research Council Impact Acceleration Account (ESRC IAA) call for proposals - now open

(13 February 2019)

The ESRC IAA has awarded us £1.3m (£325k per year) over the next four years to help our social scientists work with businesses, policy makers and communities to create research opportunities which positively impact society and the economy. The current Round 1 funding will end on Sunday, 31 March, and the new Round 2 funding will start from Monday, 1 April and run until 31 March 2023.

The first call of the new funding is now open to all researchers, regardless of discipline and/or the origin of the original research funding, providing the proposed impact activities align to the ESRC’s disciplinary remit of social science research as detailed in the Durham ESRC IAA Guidelines (see ) Please note that the IAA fund only provides support for impact resulting from research already carried out, and cannot be used for primary research projects.

Applications are invited for proposals to the ESRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) funding programme, with an initial pitch to the ESRC IAA Steering Group, who will decide if further information or development is required, or if the proposal can be progressed to a full ESRC IAA application. 

  • CONSULTATION PERIOD - Friday 8 February – Friday 22 February 2019
  • LAST DATE to book a pitch session - 22 February 2019 (12 noon)
  • STEERING GROUP/PITCHES - w/c 4 March – date to be confirmed shortly

The consultation period is in place to allow refinement of your ideas before you present your proposal to the ESRC IAA Steering Group – the meeting is expected to take place during the first week of March, and will be confirmed shortly. Early contact with the ESRC IAA Manager, Elaine Grieveson ( ) is recommended to discuss and refine your proposal. Guidance on submitting proposals will be available on the ESRC IAA web-site from next Monday and the template for the pitch to the Steering Group must be requested from the ESRC IAA Manager, Elaine Grieveson, before 12 noon on 20 October.

Additional calls to the ESRC IAA funding programme will follow in June, September and December 2019 – dates to follow. If you have any questions regarding the ESRC IAA programme, or you would like to discuss a potential application, please contact Elaine on ext 42918 (Mon & Wed) or ext 49116 (Tues & Thurs) or at:

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