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'Community beyond the (nation) state' workshop

(8 February 2019)

This workshop asks what other forms of legally or culturally-defined community exist, and how do they relate to the legal entities defined by the state? How should we understand communities larger or smaller than the state, or not defined by state boundaries? What is the range of possibilities for citizenship, community, and belonging? This informal, interdisciplinary and international research workshop will take place on Thursday, 7 March and Friday, 8 March in the Birley Room at Hatfield College. All are welcome, however registration is necessary. For more information and to register, please email by Monday, 25 February.

A workshop co-organised by Dr Amy Russell (Classics) and Dr Henry Jones (Law). Part of the IAS Major Project ‘Who are “We the People”? Community Beyond the State’. To find out more about the other project events, please visit the website.

For the full IAS events schedule please see the webpage.

Papers will be short and informal, and discussion is encouraged.

Thursday 7 March, 2pm

Sub-states and separatisms in an age of new nationalisms

  • 2.10pm - Aoife O’Donoghue (Law, Durham): Performing identities: Post-brexit Northern Ireland and the reshaping of 21st Century governance
  • 2.40pm - Tom Sparks (Law, MPIL Heidelberg): Secessionary self-determination in the contemporary world: legality and legitimacy
  • 3.10pm - Cherry Leonardi (History, Durham): Patchwork states? Local territoriality and citizenship in South Sudan and Uganda'
  • 3.40pm coffee

Peoples beyond the state

  • 4.10pm - Jake Richards (History, Cambridge): Law and liberated Africans in the Atlantic world, c. 1839-1870
  • 4.40pm - Craig Whittall (SGIA, Durham): Colonial India’s “Criminal Tribes”: The past and present of communities beyond ‘The People’
  • 5.10pm - Rose Parfitt (Law, Melbourne): “Our slim peninsula is swollen with creative genius and has the right to govern the world.” Spazzio vitale/Lebensraum and “vital” populations beyond the state

Friday 8 March, 9am

Cultures of inclusion and exclusion

  • 9.10am - Kaius Tuori (Classics and Law, Helsinki): The dark side of white marble: The classics in European identity politics and the far right in the age of Brexit
  • 9.40am - Rosa Andújar (Liberal Arts and Classics, KCL): Hellenism and a Hispanic-American magna patria: Greek visions of a pan-Latin American future in the 19th and early 20th centuries
  • 10.10am - Erin Johnson-Williams (Music, Durham): Hymnic identities: degenerate hymns: singing and suffering in Boer War concentration camps
  • 10.40am coffee

Belonging and not belonging

  • 11.10am - Devyani Prabhat (Law, Bristol): From subjecthood to citizenship and beyond: membership now and then 
  • 11.40am - Lyndsey Stonebridge (Humanities and Human Rights, Birmingham): Hannah Arendt in Baddawi
  • 12.10pm - Closing discussion
  • 1pm - Workshop closes

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