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People-centred development workshop

(23 January 2019)

This workshop will be delivered by Professor Simone Abram and Dr Maria Salaru, Department of Anthropology, on Thursday, 28 February and is aimed at supervisors, potential supervisors and researchers specialising within one of the Pathways of the NINE DTP. The session will be of interest to those individuals who wish to understand more about how to recognise and capitalise upon industry collaboration opportunities within the research environment and beyond. Please book via the training Course Booking system. Should you have any queries please contact

Expectations around innovation in education entail demands on curricular development and the delivery of teaching and learning objectives. An ideal education setting is often imagined as one in which teacher and student alike are engaged with the construction and revision of bodies of knowledge (Martin 2008, 302). This workshop broadens the scope of to include industry and community partners in the learning process alongside teachers and students. It will engage directly with Proposition 3 on resilient and flexible approaches to learning and teaching in the context of technological innovation.

We will be open and honest about the difficulties this kind of learning presents, how to prepare and how best to avoid the most common pitfalls, while also highlighting the significant rewards for all participants, not least the striking responses from students involved in such projects. Workshop participants will work through case studies, using mind maps and moderated discussion in a ‘lab’-style participative format.

The workshop draws on an Erasmus + Project that brings together Higher Education Institutions from the social sciences with industries from the sustainable living and energy sector to jointly develop and integrate people-centred development approaches into their research, teaching and learning practices ( New learning modules are embedded in degree programmes in the UK, Slovenia, Czechia and the Netherlands, enabling students to gain valuable practical skills to complement their theoretical education, while demonstrating the value of that education for industry. 

The workshop includes critical discussion of knowledge exchange across industry and academia – recognising how knowledge is co-constructed by students, teachers and industry partners in an “intersubjective dialogue of shared meanings” (Light, G., R. Cox and S. Calkins 2009, 30). This highlights the critical aspects of knowledge creation, beyond social dialogue (Barnett 1997).

Takeaway learning will include insights into how to incorporate people-centred approaches into existing or new curricula, and how to apply people-centred development to product and services in the private, public or third sector. The workshop welcomes participants into the international community of PEOPLE-centred learning practitioners for future collaboration. The network offers shared resources, advice and support for putting collaborative and co-creative projects into action.


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