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Heading for Extinction and what to do about it

(5 December 2018)

This workshop will take place on Saturday, 8 December between 1pm - 3pm at Alington House featuring Friar Martin Newell. Come and join the Catholic Priest, Friar Martin Newell, an activist for Christian Climate Action and the Environmental group 'Extinction Rebellion' to hear about the science and his journey into environmental activism. Open to all faiths and no faith, this is an exciting and extremely important workshop.

The recent UN Climate report told us we have 12 years to stay within the 1.5C warming which scientists have set as being the limit to avert global catastrophe. The scientists also told us if the planet heated by over 2C we will face ‘climate breakdown’: floods, fires and potential extinction. We are on track for a 2-3C warming by 2100. We are in a phase of mass extinction where 60% of species have gone extinct since 1970(WWF). What can be done?

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