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Queen's Campus transition - who is moving and when?

(1 June 2018)

The University is relocating all existing academic programmes and college activities from Queen’s Campus to Durham City. This transition will be complete by the start of the 2018/19 academic year and is the first in a wider series of changes driven by the new University Strategy. There is an infographic which gives an overview of the relocation schedule here.

Academic programmes

The following programmes will relocate to Durham City over the summer vacation: Accounting, Accounting and Management, Accounting and Finance, Finance, Primary Education, and Applied Psychology.

At present we are not able to confirm the exact dates the remaining staff groups will move and this is currently scheduled simply as taking place during the summer break between academic years. Once we have agreed exact moving dates as part of transition planning this will be shared with staff at the earliest opportunity.


John Snow and Stephenson Colleges now have bases in Durham City, at Elvet Hill Cottage and Hilton Cottage, respectively, and are being supported to operate across both Queen’s Campus and Durham City.

Both colleges will move into accommodation on the Howlands Site, along with Josephine Butler College over the summer vacation.

Support staff

Support staff whose roles are relocating will move when the academic programme, the college or professional service department their work supports moves.

The Wolfson Research Institute

The Institute will remain at Queen’s Campus for the 2018/19 academic year until appropriate space that’s strategically positioned becomes available. Further updates will be provided as they are known.

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