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Bonobos: Insights into human evolution and empathy

(30 January 2018)

Come and join the next Café Scientifique event as they welcome Dr Zanna Clay, Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at Durham University. She will be talking about her critical field research with bonobos and chimpanzees and how they inspire people to learn about the development of social cognition, empathy in particular. This event will start at 6pm on Thursday 8 February 2018 at Fisher House, Ustinov College. Further details are available here.

Zanna Clay is an inspiring and passionate researcher at Durham University and her research focuses on the development of social communication, empathy, and cultural cognition in our closest relatives, bonobos, in comparison to human infants. 

Bonobos, together with chimpanzees are our closest living relatives, and Zanna’s research looks at what bonobo societies can tell us about theories of human evolution, especially with regards to language and empathy. Intriguingly, while chimpanzee societies are characterised by male dominance and high levels of aggression, bonobos display female dominance and high levels of social tolerance. Come to hear about these unique characteristics of bonobos and how they could inspire us about the building blocks of our social behaviour

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