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Durham Castle Lecture

(12 January 2018)

This lecture, entitled 'Is Multiculturalism Dead?' will be led by Professor Christian Joppke, Professor of Sociology at the University of Bern on Wednesday, 17 January 2018 at 8pm in the Senate Room, Durham Castle. Doors open from 7.30pm with the lecture commencing at 8pm. This lecture is free and open to all. You do not need a ticket or reservation. Seats are first come, first served. Please contact for more information about this event.

Christian Joppke intriguingly argues that, beyond the ebb and flow of policy, liberal constitutionalism itself bears out a multiculturalism of the individual that is not only alive but necessary in a liberal society. Through a provocative comparison of gay rights in the United States and the accommodation of Islam in Europe, he shows that liberal constitutionalism constrains majority power, requiring the state to be neutral about people's values and ethical commitment. It cannot but give rise to multiple ways of life or cultures, as people are endowed with the freedom to embrace them. Accordingly, impulses toward multiculturalism persist, despite its political crisis, but with a new accent on the individual, rather than group, as the unit of integration.


Christian Joppke is Professor of Sociology at the University of Bern. His fields of expertise include the comparative study of immigration and integration policies, as well as religion, citizenship, and multiculturalism.

His most recent book, Is Multiculturalism Dead? is published by Polity Press.

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