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Breath in Vocal Technique

(10 January 2018)

This lecture with classical singing teacher Miranda Wright and her vocal students illustrating breathing technique, breath focus and control with music ranging from intimate songs to a more operatic style will take place on Wednesday, 17 January at 6.15pm in the Prior's Hall, Durham Cathedral. There is no need to book and all are welcome. For more information please contact

Miranda Wright is a masterclass leader for Samling Academy and Head of Classical Singing at Newcastle University. She also teaches many undergraduates from Durham University, choristers at Durham Cathedral and other singers across the North East.

The third event of the Arts of Breath series will be practical lecture-workshop conducted by classical singing teacher Miranda Wright with some of her regular vocal students to illustrate the place of trained breathing in vocal technique. Breathing technique and problems of breath focus and control will be illustrated through music ranging from intimate songs written for performance in domestic or chamber-music type settings, to music in a more operatic style, written to fill larger spaces like theatres and presenting somewhat different breathing problems.


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