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Achieving Gender Balance in Professional Services Roles - Have Your Say!

(25 August 2017)

A project group has been established to examine what the University can do to support the promotion of gender balance across the hierarchy of professional services roles. The University aspires to achieve an Athena Swan Silver Award and it is hoped that the project can help the University achieve its aspirations. The group established to undertake this project wishes to hear from a cross section of professional services staff for discussions on what the issues are and how the University might address them. Please read on for further details.

The following focus group sessions of up to two hours in duration will be arranged to discuss the area:

  1. Grades 7-9: Tuesday 26 September 2017 (10.30am-12.30pm), or Wednesday 27 September 2017 (2pm-4pm)
  2. Grades 2-4: Monday 18 September 2017 (2pm-4pm), or Monday 25 September 2017 (2pm-4pm)
  3. Line Managers: Tuesday 12 September 2017 (2pm-4pm), or Thursday 21 September 2017 (10am- 12noon)

If you are interested in participating in one of the above mentioned focus groups then please contact advising which group and which session you would like to attend, along with confirmation of your current job title.

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