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Update: IT service migration activity affecting websites on Wednesday, 2 August

(27 July 2017)

As previously reported, the underlying infrastructure of is moving into the new data centres this coming week. The date for this migration has now been confirmed as Wednesday, 2 August, with the work taking place in the morning. During the transition, there may be brief interruptions to service. provides space for staff and students to create websites using a wide range of tools and/or bespoke code. During the move, vital security updates must be applied and users are also likely to experience impacts on the functionality of websites that we cannot predict. If you have a website on, read on for more information.

The infrastructure supporting is old and in need of urgent security patches which we will apply as the service is moved. Inevitably, this will change some of the functionality of and we cannot predict how that will impact on the functionality of webpages created by users.

If you have a website built on, please monitor the performance of your site following the move on Wednesday, 2 August so that in the event it is impacted by the update, you can investigate and take any remedial action.

CIS provides the space on and staff and students have the freedom to create webpages there, however CIS does not have visibility of what tools and/or code is used nor can it maintain and monitor such information. Due to the wide varied nature of tools and in some cases the bespoke code employed by users to build and maintain their website, we cannot provide support to fix issues arising from the security updates.

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