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BSM - Parking Fines

(19 May 2017)

It has been noted that University staff are utilising purchasing cards/expenses to pay for parking fines and traffic violations when either using University vehicles or whilst on University business. The University Expenses Policy is quite clear that this is not permissible and therefore this process cannot continue.

It is understood that in some instances staff repay the University for any enforcement notices received. This is also not permissible, as this counts as the University providing loans to staff which it is not eligible to do in these cases.

Under no circumstances should the University be paying staff enforcement charges, no matter how/where these were incurred, and whether or not a University vehicle was being utilised at the time. Staff are responsible for their own conduct and the University cannot be held accountable for any negligence on the part of staff when driving or parking. 

This will be monitored on an ongoing basis and any further incidents of this occurring will be reviewed personally and an appropriate course of action determined for those involved, including those who approve payment using University funds. 

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