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Environmental Fact of the Week

(19 May 2017)

Did You Know… Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products are being introduced by Catering across all Colleges?

Innovation in the cleaning industry has vastly improved the performance of environmentally friendly products. After a trial period initiated by Catering and Procurement of eco-friendly cleaning products at both St Mary’s and Trevelyan Colleges, it has been agreed to roll out this initiative at all colleges.

Staff originally unconvinced by the change, fed back their satisfaction of the products supplied by Bunzl Catering. They advised that the products tested, which use plant based ingredients, improved skin irritations for those with allergies.

Many benefits of using the new product include the reduction of waste of the product and water usage via a tamper proof dosing system; plastic waste by using super concentrates which are smaller solids wrapped in cellophane; enzymatic natural ingredients which work 24/7 after application and the product performs in cold water reducing heat, all in all using this product saves time and requires less storage.

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