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Environmental Fact of the Week

(21 April 2017)

Did you know … you can watch the day-to-day activities of two pairs of blue tits nesting via live video feeds? Watch these on the Biodiversity page of the Greenspace website.

Following the success of the nest box cameras that were live streamed for the last three years, the Department of Biosciences are doing the same again this spring, and a pair of blue tits is currently busy building a nest. You can access the live footage of this nest box, and another outside the School of Engineering and Computing Sciences where a second pair is building a nest, on the Biodiversity page on the Greenspace website.

Blue tits are a common species of European breeding birds. They build their nests out of moss and line it with soft materials such as hair. They typically lay between 8 and 10 eggs. Incubation takes between 13-15 days and nestlings should fledge after 18-21 days.

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