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DUPS Withdrawal from The Transfer Club Arrangement

(17 February 2017)

One of the changes in the Durham University Pension Scheme (DUPS) last August meant the scheme would withdraw from membership of the Public Sector Transfer arrangement from Tuesday, 1 August. Therefore, it is recommended that should you wish to investigate a transfer into DUPS you do so prior to July 2017 to ensure you are provided with the more generous terms.

DUPS members retain the right to request a transfer into the scheme on the Transfer Club basis on the earlier date of one year from the date you joined DUPS and July 2017 and thereafter transfers will be made on the less generous terms of non Club Transfer scheme basis.

If you leave the scheme before Tuesday, 1 August, to another public sector scheme (such as USS) it will be on the Transfer Club basis (subject to any restrictions of the receiving scheme). After Tuesday, 1 August to another public sector scheme (such as the USS) it will be on the same basis as any other scheme transfer.

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