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Saturday Morning Physics! - Building a star on Planet Earth

(10 December 2016)

Fusion could provide an almost unlimited supply of energy. In this lecture, we will discuss the road-map for fusion energy as well as the technologically demanding, cryogenically-cooled superconducting magnets that will help fusion energy become a viable technology. Saturday Morning Physics is held in the James Duff Lecture Theatre, Rochester Building, 10.30am-12.30pm on Saturday 10 December.

Aimed at high school students and adults interested in Modern Physics. Some of the department's world class scientists will talk on their fascinating research topics including astrophysics, cosmology, materials science, lasers, quantum mechanics and particle physics The talks will be supplemented by some hands-on activities after a coffee break.

Building a Star on Planet Earth

In 2026, the international science community expects to produce ‘first-plasma’ in the ITER fusion tokamak. This nuclear powered machine, that is currently being built in France, will produce for the first time, a man-made star that produces net fusion energy. The lecture is for those teenagers who will help decide whether we should risk the consequences of global warming or give the green light to commercial fusion energy.

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