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Saturday Morning Physics! - Magnets in the Cloud

(12 November 2016)

The next Saturday Morning Physics session on 12 November will be presented by Professor Del Atkinson on Magnets in the Cloud.The talks will be supplemented by some hands-on activities after a coffee break. Saturday Morning Physics is held in the James Duff Lectures Theatre, Rochester Building, 10.30am-12.30pm. All welcome, no need to pre-book!

Aimed at high school students and adults interested in Modern Physics. Some of the department's world class scientists will talk on their fascinating research topics including astrophysics, cosmology, materials science, lasers, quantum mechanics and particle physics.

Magnets in the Cloud 

Information and communication technology is so common in our everyday lives that we rarely think twice about it! Whether it is your FaceBook profile, Twitter posts or any Big Data need, we rely on quick, cheap and robust information storage. For the internet that means storage in the Cloud. But what is this fluffy concept? I will look at the physics of magnetic data storage and how this underpins Cloud-based information storage and talk about research for future data storage.

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