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Take care of our toads

(15 March 2012)

The annual migration of overwintering toads from the woods around the science site to the ponds to breed has begun, with the potential for mass toad carnage on the roads. The first casualties are already beginning to appear on the upper Mountjoy roads. Drivers, particularly those around the science site at night, should keep their eyes open for pairs of toads crossing the roads en route to the ponds.

The Durham City Campus is one of the most beautiful in Britain and includes examples of high quality wildlife habitats located within its estate. These include deciduous woodland, coniferous woodland, grassland and wetland habitats. These habitats, and the wildlife that they host, are an important resource for the University, Durham City and the region, and help to make Durham University an attractive institution for study and work, for staff and students alike.  For more information please visit,

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