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Important information for owners/maintainers of personal or non-personal web pages

(31 May 2012)

On Tuesday 3rd July, CIS will be implementing a change to its web servers that will force any user authentication requests to route over an HTTPS channel (i.e. a secure channel that encrypts your information). If you maintain a personal or non-personal web page, please take a few minutes to find out if this will affect you.

The web service allows site owners to protect parts of their site based on the URL of a resource, so any request to a URL that contains ‘/password/' or ‘/local/' ( when accessed externally from the University) will require authentication with your CIS username and password, before allowing you any further. It is these requests that will be routed via this secure HTTPS route.

We are asking site owners of any personal or non-personal web pages, to check their sites and update code as required to accommodate the change, and correct any protocol specific URLS.

A basic test you can carry out in advance of the change is to access your site using HTTPS in the URL rather than HTTP.

For example, instead of:




Then navigate around your site. If you see the URL changing to HTTP then it is possible you have a hard coded link in your site that may need changing - please check and make the change if appropriate.

If your site contains a data entry form, you should test that the form submission works properly when using an HTTPS URL. If your site has any hard coded URLs within it, the form submission may not pass the data through so again, please check and make any appropriate changes.

This change was originally to be implemented earlier in the year, but as we did not wish to impact on any online student revision materials, it was deferred to July.

If you have any queries about this activity and how it may affect you, please contact the IT Service Desk in the first instance.