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Dialogue Signposts

Environmental Fact of the Week

(29 September 2017)

Did you know … the week commencing 2 October is National Liftshare? Why not join the University’s car share scheme? Full details are available on the Greenspace Car Share website.

Why should you get involved in Car Sharing?

  • A typical commuter can save around £900 a year car-sharing?
  • Car sharing can be used for any type of journey at any time, making it the cheapest and most flexible form of transport
  • It saves you money on fuel and other running costs
  • It makes boring solo journeys sociable and fun
  • You don't even need a car to sign up to be a car sharer. Many members are willing to do the driving in return for a contribution to their fuel costs and some friendly company!

Staff may also wish to note that that Durham County Council have launched ‘CarShare Durham’ in collaboration with Liftshare. Should you wish to find out further details, please visit their website.