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Participants needed for Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) Study

(28 September 2017)

The Psychology department is looking for participants to take part in a new fMRI experiment on reading and imagery. The study takes around 90 minutes to complete, and you will be compensated with a £20 Amazon voucher. They are looking for adults aged 18-45, who are native English speakers, right-handed and have no diagnosis of psychiatric, developmental or neurological disorder. People with metal implants and non-removable jewellery or piercings also cannot be scanned. To take part, please contact either or

Reading fictional stories often involves imagining a fictional world from the character’s perspective. Sometimes this imagery can be more vivid than at other times. To better understand the relation between reading and imagery, we are currently investigating the neural processes involved when we read about characters in fictional scenarios. 

If you decide to take part, you will be asked to complete a series of reading and listening tasks while undergoing a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scan. fMRI is a method for producing high quality images of brain activity. The MRI scanner looks like a large elongated polo mint, and you will be asked to complete the tasks while lying inside the scanner. The scanner is well lit, and you are never fully enclosed as there are openings at both ends. After scanning, you will be asked to fill out a short set of questionnaires. 

The study will take around 90 minutes to complete, plus travel and waiting time at James Cook Hospital, Middlesbrough. Lifts are available from Durham Campus and Queen's campus, or you may use your own means of transport.