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Building closures

Closure of all but essential buildings is now complete and colleagues should not be accessing buildings without the express permission of their relevant UEC member. In line with Government guidelines, only essential workers are permitted to access the University site. All access must be arranged with, and communicated to, University Security, in advance, on 0191 3342222. Please be mindful that failure to adhere to this process places other members of the University community at unnecessary risk. It is important, at times such as this, that we support each other. Following Government and University guidelines is one way this can be achieved. A list of closed buildings can be found here.

(27 Mar 2020)

Coronavirus - Stay at home, safe lives

Anyone can spread Coronavirus. The only reasons to leave home are:

  • To shop for basic necessities or pick up medicine
  • To travel to work when you absolutely cannot work from home
  • To exercise once a day, alone or with members of your household

Do not meet others, even friends or family.

(27 Mar 2020)

Government advice

A reminder that the latest UK Government advice relating to Covid-19 is:

  • Public gatherings of more than two people are banned (unless you are part of the same household); 
  • People should leave home only to exercise once a day, travel to and from work where "absolutely necessary", shop for essential items and to fulfil any medical or care needs. 
  • Police and local authorities will have powers to disperse gatherings, including through fines. 

In addition, people should continue to practise social distancing when out in public. This means staying at least two metres (six feet) away from other people.

(27 Mar 2020)

NHS Mental wellbeing whilst staying at home

If you have to stay at home because of coronavirus (COVID-19), it's important to take care of your mind as well as your body. You may feel bored, frustrated or lonely. You may also be low, worried or anxious, or concerned about your finances, your health or those close to you. It is OK to feel like this – everyone reacts in their own way to challenging events and uncertainty. It's important to remember that staying at home may be difficult, but you are helping to protect yourself and others by doing it. The tips and advice here are things you can do now to help you keep on top of your mental wellbeing and cope with how you may feel while staying at home. Make sure you get further support if you feel you need it. The government also has wider guidance on staying at home as a result of coronavirus.

(27 Mar 2020)

Corporate Card Applications

From Monday 23 March 2020, in line with Government and University guidance, the Procurement Services team will be working from home – this will remain the case until further notice. In light of this we have decided to suspend all new applications for purchasing and travel cards until further notice, as there will be no staff in the office to either receive/process applications or to receive/distribute cards when they arrive. If you are currently waiting for a card, please contact if you need to receive this urgently. Where you have an urgent need for a new card, please contact to discuss your requirement. Further information will be provided as it becomes available.

(20 Mar 2020)

Covid-19 and internal communications

To ensure that we can give our staff and students the latest information and advice on Covid-19 as quickly as possible, we are making some temporary editorial changes to our internal communications channels. Therefore from today and until further notice Dialogue Signposts will be used for business critical messages only, Message of the Day content will be reserved for coronavirus and any other business critical messages only, and all but coronavirus-related content will be removed from digital signage.

(13 Mar 2020)

Health and Safety - offsite working

The Health and Safety Service has launched new guidance covering offsite work, which includes all travel away from Durham by staff and students under the auspices of the University for any purpose. As of 1 March, all offsite work must be supported by a risk assessment which has been approved through the department, college or service’s management structure. It remains the case that all travel requests must also be subject to a Viator application, and all Viator applications must now have an approved risk assessment attached – there will no longer be the option of writing risk information into Viator. Further information can be found on the Health and Safety Service’s web pages and from your Health and Safety Business Partner.

(13 Mar 2020)

“Would you know what to do?”

At any time, somebody you know, work with, teach, or care about could disclose to you that they have been the victim of sexual harassment or abuse. If they do, then how you respond in the moment that follows matters a great deal. We run free training courses to help students and staff to understand how best to respond if someone discloses to them. For dates and times, please see:

(6 Mar 2020)

Google's change of legal control for data and user accounts of its UK users

You may be aware Google recently announced that the legal control for data and user accounts of its UK users are being moved from the EU to the US, raising concerns regarding the protective jurisdiction of GDPR. Please be aware that use of Google or other third party email services for University business is likely a breach of University policies. 


(6 Mar 2020) » More about Google's change of legal control for data and user accounts of its UK users

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak and Travel Cover

Details of the University travel cover position in relation to COVID-19, for trips that have been approved on the Viator system, can be found at


(6 Mar 2020)

Visitor parking bays on the Mountjoy Site

Please note that the numbered visitor parking bays on the Mountjoy site are for visitor use only. Staff booking of the visitor parking for contractors coming onto the site to undertake works is strictly prohibited.

(6 Mar 2020) » More about Visitor parking bays on the Mountjoy Site

Conflicts of interest and personal relationships

The University has an obligation to manage any conflicts of interest, or perceived conflicts of interest. Guidance exists to help staff to avoid actual, perceived or potential conflicts of interest and misuse of authority, and also serves to protect members of staff in personal relationships from allegations of bias, conflict of interest or impropriety. You can find out more here.

(8 Nov 2019)

New Viator System

This is a reminder that the Viator system for authorising travel on University business will be unavailable on Tuesday 10 December. Staff and students should not submit new Viator requests later than noon on Monday 9 December. Authorisation of existing requests should be completed by 5pm on 9 December. The new system will be available on Wednesday 11 December for requests to be submitted and approved.

(8 Nov 2019) » More about New Viator System

Lumiere Durham 2019

Lumiere, the UK's largest light festival, returns to Durham from November 14 to 17. The University is a major partner, it promises to be an inspiring event and there are lots of opportunities to get involved.

There will also be impact on our day-to-day operation. Please read the message sent to all staff on Thursday 31 October for more information.

You can read this message online here.

(1 Nov 2019) » More about Lumiere Durham 2019

New Online workshop - How to work successfully from home

As a result of the impact of Covid-19, Durham University, like many organisations has been forced to move to a largely remote working model. While some enjoy working from home and can get a lot accomplished, others find it a challenge. To continue supporting your development and help you manage working from home more effectively, please register for one of the ‘live’ online workshops which last an hour. Learn how to deal with distractions yet remain focused with David Longstaff. For further information on how to book onto next week’s workshops please click here.

(27 Mar 2020) » More about New Online workshop - How to work successfully from home

Online personal development

Colleagues who are currently working remotely from home may now find an opportunity to continue with their own personal and professional development. The Organisational Development team has linked our online resources to the most popular taught programmes, so you do not need to join a waiting list and can access these at a time convenient for you. Please find information at here.

(27 Mar 2020)

Share your inspiring stories

Many members of our University community are helping with the COVID-19 response. We'd like to share your stories, to encourage and inspire us all. Email:, tag us on Facebook @durhamuniversity or on Twitter tag us @durham_uni using #DUinspire 

(27 Mar 2020) » More about Share your inspiring stories

Wellbeing and Remote working web page

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the Wellbeing and Remote working web pages - we are adding to them each week and would welcome any suggestions for information that you would find useful to include in this area. Please email with your suggestions.

(27 Mar 2020)

Working from home

Government advice is that people should only leave home to travel to and from work where "absolutely necessary". Therefore, if you are not already working from home, and you are able to, you should do so making sure you inform your line manager.

  • Colleagues in HR have produced guidance for managers regarding arrangements for working from home. This includes guidance on self-isolation, well-being and underlying health conditions. It is available here.
  • In addition, colleagues in Health and Safety have produced a guide on setting up a home work station.

We recognise that for some roles it is not possible to work remotely. If you do have to come in to work, please ensure that you follow the Government’s guidelines on social distancing and contact your line manager if you have any concerns. We understand that this is an unusual situation so when working from home please also take time to look after your well-being, including taking regular breaks. The Government has advised that people can leave their homes once a day to exercise, such as running, walking or cycling, while maintaining social distancing. Exercise and being outdoors can be hugely beneficial to your physical and mental well-being and we would encourage you to do this while following the latest guidelines.

(27 Mar 2020)

Covid-19 Working from home

Colleagues in HR have produced some guidance for managers regarding arrangements for working from home. This includes guidance on self-isolation, wellbeing and underlying health conditions. It is available here

(20 Mar 2020)

How to report suspected cases of Covid-19

We are aware that rumours and “fake news” can gain momentum quickly during uncertain times, and so we would ask all members of the community to act responsibly with information you receive. Please report all suspected cases to the University, through your normal absence reporting channels. At the same time we are asking students to report in through their College Student Support Office.

(20 Mar 2020)

New Gender Pay Gap data published

This week we have published our Gender Pay Gap data for the year to 31 March 2019 online. Our figures show an improvement on the previous year, but we recognise there is still much more to do. The background to this data, analysis of the figures and details of our approach to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion can be found here

(20 Mar 2020)

Rotary Club of Durham

Since 1984/5 the University has allowed the Rotary Club of Durham to take donations from people using University car parking on Saturday mornings, initially based at Territorial Lane before recently moving to Elvet Riverside. This partnership has raised over £330,000 for local charities and good causes, and in 2019-20 the Rotary Club of Durham is on course to raise another £6,000. University permit holders are not obliged to make a donation to park but many do and the Rotary Club wish to extend their thanks to all staff and the University for their continued support.

(20 Mar 2020)

Some buildings will close from Sunday 22 March

As increasing numbers of colleagues are working from home, we will be closing some University buildings, where possible. This is to prioritise resources for essential services. Closures will be introduced on a phased basis, beginning from Sunday 22 March. If you have personal belongings at work which you require continued access to, please take them home if possible. While we appreciate staff who are already self-isolating will not be able to access buildings before Sunday, we cannot delay the closure programme. Please be assured: we will keep access under review. A list of the buildings to be closed on Sunday 22 March has been issued to Heads of departments. It is also available online here. More detailed information on the phased building closure programme will be shared at a local level by Estates and Facilities. Please do everything you can to assist.

(20 Mar 2020)

Volunteering during Covid-19

The developments around Covid-19, the escalation of preventative measures and the increasing transition of University staff to home working have unsurprisingly meant that the current University Staff and Student Volunteering programmes will not be able to operate as they have. As we transition into different modes of working and living, our spirit of volunteering and desire to contribute to our local communities will become more important than ever.

(20 Mar 2020) » More about Volunteering during Covid-19

Wellbeing and working remotely web page

We find ourselves in a time of significant change to our normal working lives. There is a huge amount of useful information on the Covid-19 FAQ site which is updated regularly. Colleagues from HR & OD, CIS, Occupational Health, Health and Safety and The Counselling Service have created a working from home and wellbeing web page and summary leaflet including some best practice advice and guidance on personal wellbeing whilst working remotely. This page will be regularly updated with information on personal development opportunities and suggestions for wellbeing and we would welcome any suggestions you have as to what would be useful to include. Please email your ideas to

(20 Mar 2020)

Call for participants: Race Equality Charter (REC) Focus Groups for Staff

Following our recent Race Equality Survey, we are inviting staff members to take part in our focus group discussion, which will be an opportunity to expand upon the key themes raised in the survey. This will take place on Monday, 16 March 2020 (1pm to 3pm in Room PCL050, Palatine Centre). To express your interest in taking part, please email by 10am on 16 March 2020. 

(13 Mar 2020) » More about Call for participants: Race Equality Charter (REC) Focus Groups for Staff

DCAD Academic Staff Development Workshops – Covid 19 Response

In response to the Covid-19 situation, all DCAD staff development workshops will be postponed until 31 May at the earliest. We will be in touch directly if you’re already booked on one of our workshops to discuss whether postponing or running online would be the best alternative. We apologise for any disruption caused.

(13 Mar 2020)

Event Cancellations due to Covid-19

Please check the What’s On Guide, Research lectures, seminars and events and Department and Institute events pages for information on whether an event in the upcoming weeks has been cancelled/postponed.

(13 Mar 2020)

The North East Environment Network (OASES) are looking for a new treasurer

The Honorary Treasurer will provide financial information to trustees and maintain accounting standards. They may act as an "interpreter" for trustees who have little understanding of financial affairs so they can make informed decisions. For more information visit their website here. If you are interested in applying for this voluntary role then please send a CV and a covering letter, highlighting your relevant skills and interests to:

(13 Mar 2020) » More about The North East Environment Network (OASES) are looking for a new treasurer

Call for participants: Race Equality Charter (REC) Focus Groups

Following our recent Race Equality Survey, we are inviting students and staff members to take part in our focus group discussions; which will be an opportunity to expand upon the key themes raised in the survey. The focus groups will be a safe space for everyone to discuss their experiences and how we can improve the diversity and sense of belonging at the University. Information shared will be used to directly contribute to our future race equality strategy and programme of work.

(6 Mar 2020) » More about Call for participants: Race Equality Charter (REC) Focus Groups

Do you employ an outstanding student?

Nominations are now open for the Student Employee of the Year Awards 2020, recognising and promoting the outstanding contributions and achievements of students who combine part-time work with their study commitments.

(6 Mar 2020) » More about Do you employ an outstanding student?

Does your research have the potential to create commercial impact as a spin-out company? Northern Accelerator’s fifth funding call now open

Applications are invited for the fifth (and currently final) round of pre-incorporation funding – helping academics take promising new research outcomes closer to commercialisation. Funding is available in two forms – feasibility awards and proof of concept awards. Applications must be submitted by 31 March 2020 and due to Northern Accelerator’s funding deadlines, all successful projects must have completed by 31 March 2021.

(6 Mar 2020) » More about Does your research have the potential to create commercial impact as a spin-out company? Northern Accelerator’s fifth funding call now open

Greenspace update

It has been a busy couple of months in the work to make our University more environmentally sustainable, with an inter-collegiate energy competition, Environment Week and more. We are pleased to annouced that the University has just achieved the Silver level of the EcoCampus award, recognising the work of our Energy and Sustainability Team and many others across the University to implement an Environmental Management System (EMS).

(6 Mar 2020) » More about Greenspace update

Study a language this summer - registration now open for courses

Have you been thinking of improving your foreign language skills or even starting to learn a new language? Registration has opened for our Centre for Foreign Language Study’s summer programme. Courses are available in 12 languages, at a range of levels, and in formats to suit individual schedules and lifestyles. All are open to staff, students and members of the public (for a fee). For full details, please see

(6 Mar 2020)

Switch it OFF!

You may have seen some little green stickers on light switches, plug sockets, and monitors. If you see one, it means you can Switch It OFF! Switching things off that aren't in use can save so much carbon! Take your monitor for instance, you might be looking at it right now...

(6 Mar 2020) » More about Switch it OFF!

Durham-Uppsala Joint Research Seedcorn competition now open

Building on their collaborations through the Matariki Network of Universities, Durham and Uppsala Universities have established a seedcorn fund to support joint research. Through a competitive process, Durham and Uppsala Universities jointly advertise, select and fund research projects up to the value €25,000. In addition to strengthening the longstanding ties between Uppsala and Durham and the broadening of the existing partnership, it is expected that successful research projects will result in third-party funding applications. The 2020 competition is now open to applications for joint research proposals up to the value €25,000. The deadline is 27 April 2020. Guidelines and the application form can be found here.

(21 Feb 2020)

Vice-Chancellor monthly drop-in sessions

The Vice-Chancellor is holding monthly surgeries/drop-in sessions on a Friday afternoon between 12 noon and 2pm. These sessions consist of 15 minute slots (in the Executive Office, Palatine Centre) bookable by individuals and will offer an opportunity to raise any concerns or ideas you may have directly with the VC. The next sessions are as follows:

  • Friday 24 January
  • Friday 6 March (please note time 2pm - 4pm)
  • Friday 3 April
  • Friday 1 May 
  • Friday 5 June
  • Friday 10 July
  • Friday 11 September
  • Friday 9 October
  • Friday 6 November
  • Friday 18 December

Should you wish to book a slot for any of these dates with the Vice-Chancellor please contact Pat Martin at or on 0191 334 6972 in the first instance.

(10 Jan 2020)

Cycle and footpaths to be improved in £8m investment

As a University, the safety of our students, staff, visitors and members of the public is of utmost importance to us. Work will soon begin on site on an £8m project to improve pedestrian and road user movement around our site, particularly around South Road and Hollingside Lane. Read on for more information.

(8 Nov 2019) » More about Cycle and footpaths to be improved in £8m investment

Cyclists - Be Seen, Be Safe!

A reminder to all cyclists that you must have and use your lights when cycling in the dark, both on the front and back of your bike. Now the clocks have changed and the long dark nights are drawing in, it is time to use your lights when cycling in the dark. It is actually the Law that all cyclists have appropriate lighting on their bikes at night.

(8 Nov 2019) » More about Cyclists - Be Seen, Be Safe!

ESRC IAA Funding opportunities - December 2019 call

The Durham ESRC Impact Acceleration Account has funding of up to £15k, available to Durham social science academics and independent researchers to help develop impact from their research.

(8 Nov 2019) » More about ESRC IAA Funding opportunities - December 2019 call

ESRC IAA Mentoring Impact Scheme - £1,000 funding support for impact engagement projects

The Durham ESRC Impact Acceleration Account Mentoring Impact Scheme supports Durham researchers in the social sciences to maximise the impact and influence of their research on non-academic beneficiaries. The scheme is open to researchers at all career stages who wish to develop their impact and engagement work. To apply, please submit a maximum one-page description of your research and details of your planned impact engagement project to by Friday 29 November. For further information, please visit the website

(8 Nov 2019) » More about ESRC IAA Mentoring Impact Scheme - £1,000 funding support for impact engagement projects

Extraordinary meeting of the Academic Electoral Assembly: Lecture Capture Policy

An extraordinary meeting of the Academic Electoral Assembly (AEA) has been called to discuss Lecture Capture policy and to propose changes of policy to Senate. All members of the AEA, which includes staff grade 7 or above performing an academic or academic-related role, are invited to attend. The meeting will be held in D110, Dawson Building (next to the Bill Bryson Library) between 1pm-2pm on Wednesday 13 November. The agenda and relevant documentation will be made available online.

(8 Nov 2019) » More about Extraordinary meeting of the Academic Electoral Assembly: Lecture Capture Policy

Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Have Your Say - Staff Consultation Drop-ins

Next week we’re holding a further two Consultation Drop-in Events so you can put your ideas forward to help inform the Health and Wellbeing strategy. There’s no need to book, just drop in and have a chat with a member of staff from Occupational Health, or pop your ideas on a post-it. 

  • Wednesday 13 November 2019, 11am – 2pm in Penthouse B, Collingwood College
  • Friday 15 November 2019, 11am – 2pm in Room PC004 and PC005, Palatine Centre

During the sessions we will be offering blood pressure checks, advice on health and wellbeing and some freebies (you’ll have to come along to find out what these are). If you can’t make it to the sessions you can still send us your suggestions and ideas via internal mail to Occupational Health, Green Lane.

(8 Nov 2019)

Late availability training opportunities

We still have a number of places available on a couple of our forthcoming workshops. The ‘Practical Guide to Well-Being & Supporting Absent Staff’ half day session on 20 November, to prepare managers to understand staff well-being. This workshop is designed for those managing staff. For those undergoing changes we have the last in the series of ‘CV Writing & Interview Skills’ half day sessions on 21 November designed to help you to learn how to sell yourself to employers. Both sessions are bookable on the Training Course Booking System.

(8 Nov 2019)

Lumiere Conference 2019

Tickets are now on sale for an inspiring day of talks, debate and discussion on Friday 15 November at Gala Theatre, Durham as part of Lumiere Festival. For more information please visit the website

(8 Nov 2019) » More about Lumiere Conference 2019

NUS Extra is now TOTUM

NUS Extra cards may have changed their name to Totum, but they are still available to University and Union staff. Get your card to access discounts over the Christmas period. Please visit here for more information.

(8 Nov 2019)

Rare mushrooms discovered around our University

Our Biodiversity continues to amaze us with the discovery of the cauliflower fungus and the rare Earth Star Fungus, the latter of which has not been recorded anywhere locally for probably in excess of 100 years, if ever. Why not take a walk in High Wood or the Botanic Garden and discover our Biodiversity Estate or visit our website to find out more.

(8 Nov 2019)

Respecting Others: Challenging Negative Behaviours: Book your place

A number of places remain on the Respecting Others: Challenging Negative Behaviours workshops running on Tuesday 12 November and Wednesday 4 December. Please visit the Training Course Booking system to book your place. If you require any further information then please email

(8 Nov 2019)

Rugby Club car park closure

Please be aware that the Rugby Club car park will be closed all day on Wednesday 13 November as Durham University is hosting a BUCS Super Rugby event. The car park will be open as usual on Thursday 14 November.

(8 Nov 2019)

Science in the news media – accurate and responsible reporting

If you are a scientist or engineer, you are invited to come along to this session by the Science Media Centre (SMC) which is an independent press office for the UK scientific community. The SMC helps ensure that science and engineering in the UK national news is reported accurately and responsibly, particularly on controversial stories. For more information or to book onto the session, please go to the training booking system (Academic Development section). For any queries, please contact

(8 Nov 2019)

Triple success in international subject league tables

We are celebrating having three more of our subjects ranked in the world top 100 of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings by Subject 2020. Our Law School has achieved its best ever result in this ranking, being placed 33rd in the world, whilst Education and Social Sciences (which includes Sociology, Geography, Politics and International Studies) have both retained their world top 100 positions, ranking 53rd and 63rd respectively. The rankings look at hundreds of universities across the globe, based on teaching, research, citations, international outlook and industry income. To find out more, please visit the website

(8 Nov 2019)

UK Honours Awards

Nominate that exceptional individual who really makes a difference to those around them. Honours awards are given to a wide variety of individuals from different backgrounds who make a significant contribution in their role, their field or in their community, over and above the normal expectations of their position. Information on eligibility and how to submit suggestions is published here

(8 Nov 2019)

Win when using My Durham

If you spend on the My Durham platform between 11 November and 11 December you'll not only make great savings towards your Christmas shopping but you'll also be automatically entered into our local prize draw exclusively for Durham University. Not yet registered with My Durham? Email to check your eligibility and request an account.

(8 Nov 2019) » More about Win when using My Durham

My Durham 'Firework Frenzy' Week

From 4th-10th November staff who have registered for a My Durham account will be able to access exclusive increased discounts, including 10% off Marks & Spencer, 12% off Debenhams and 25% off Not registered with My Durham? Email to check if you're eligible and request an account. Please note that it can take up to 5 working days to gain access to the platform, so please contact the team sooner rather than later to be able to access these offers.


(31 Oct 2019)

Vacancies on Senate Discipline Committee

A number of vacancies have arisen on University Senate Discipline Committee. Please think about applying or encouraging a colleague. Members have a key role to play in hearing, adjudicating and sanctioning students in cases of serious misconduct. Is this an area which you feel that you could make a balanced, considered contribution? Please submit an Expression of Interest by Friday 29 November 2019.

(31 Oct 2019)

Changes to Arriva Bus Services Timetables

New timetables came into effect on Sunday 27 October for the Arriva X12, 6, 22, 24, 49/49A and 64 bus services. Improvements have been made to the number 6 bus service which now runs half hourly on Sundays on the Durham-Bishop Auckland section, the evening service now runs 25 minutes past the hour out of the bus station and the last bus from the station leaves at 2325. Printed timetables will shortly be available from key receptions and access to all timetables is available on the Arriva website or the Arriva app.

(30 Oct 2019)

Earn £5 in a Short Study on Ratings of Everyday Sounds

You are invited to participate in a research study in which we are collecting ratings of some properties of everyday sounds (nature sounds, music, machines, etc.). The study takes about 30 minutes and you’ll receive £5 cash upon completion! We are currently recruiting adult participants aged 18-50 years; the only requirement is for normal hearing, due to the fact that you’ll be listening to sounds. The study takes place in the Music Department on Palace Green. Contact Kelly Jakubowski at to sign up for a slot.

(30 Oct 2019)

Postgraduate Open Day- 20 November 2019

We are asking staff and mentors to help tell students all about our upcoming Postgraduate Open Day on Wednesday 20 November, running from 9.00 – 17.00. Attending the full day is not essential and students are welcome to come along to as much or as little as they would like, however, booking a place is essential. For details of all sessions and how to book please direct students to the Postgraduate Open Day section of our website.

(30 Oct 2019) » More about Postgraduate Open Day- 20 November 2019

Shape the future direction of the University

There is still time to apply to be part of University Council. Applications for one member of Professional Services staff will close on Friday 8 November 2019. This is an opportunity to help shape and develop the University, setting the strategic direction and having oversight and overview of the delivery of these plans. This opportunity allows staff to get involved at the highest level of the University’s strategic planning and governance. Please think about applying or encouraging a colleague. We value the input and engagement of our staff in these key roles. If you would like to know more about the role please contact the University Secretary or any of the current staff members of Council 

(30 Oct 2019) » More about Shape the future direction of the University

UKRI New Funding Service

As part of the creation of a new funding service UKRI are looking to get in touch with individuals who have engaged with grant/funding bodies as an applicant, peer-reviewer and/or panellist.As a user of the services, they would like to hear your views and feedback on early concepts of the new funding service to ensure they develop a service that meets your needs. UKRI will be running feedback sessions throughout 2019 and 2020, with involvement ranging from surveys, brief interviews to testing out prototypes. If you are interested in helping please can you register your interest using these contact details here: You will only be contacted to let you know when feedback opportunities arise, and you can request to be removed from our contact list at any time.

(30 Oct 2019)

Visit the newly reopened Kingsgate Bar and Café at Durham SU

Try Kingsgate Bar and Café, the newly-renovated food and drinks venue run by Durham SU. With comfortable furniture, ethical coffee and fresh food, it’s the perfect place to stop by for a meeting over coffee or a break between commitments.


(30 Oct 2019) » More about Visit the newly reopened Kingsgate Bar and Café at Durham SU

Volunteers needed to assist Durham Foodbank

The Staff Volunteering Team are looking for 4 more volunteers to assist Durham Foodbank on Friday, 8 November 9.30am-1.30pm. The task will involve sorting and packing donations at the food store in Chester-le-Street. If you would like to get involved, please contact


(30 Oct 2019) » More about Volunteers needed to assist Durham Foodbank

Printing and Binding at the SU

Did you know that printing and binding services for students, staff and Departments are available at Durham SU? 



(29 Oct 2019) » More about Printing and Binding at the SU

Space utilisation

It is that time of the year when the University conducts its annual space utilisation surveys for all the teaching and meeting spaces. From Monday, 4 November until Friday, 8 November, please be aware that volunteers will be discreetly entering all teaching spaces between ten past the hour till ten to the hour to capture accurate data of numbers utilising the rooms. This will be submitted as part of the Estates Management Record for HESA (Higher Education Statistic Agency). We appreciate your support over this period of time.

(29 Oct 2019)

Hundreds of children enjoy Durham University holiday camps

Over 200 children aged four to 16 enjoyed our recent Team Durham Easter Holiday Camps, run by students and volunteers. Details of the ever-popular Summer Holiday Camps will be announced shortly. For further details, please click here

(16 Apr 2018)

Divestment from Companies Involved in Fossil Fuel Extraction

The University is to divest from companies involved in fossil fuel extraction, and has committed to becoming a major international partner in the development of green energy. This decision follows a Commission on Divestment from Companies Involved in Fossil Fuel Extraction, which was established following a proposal from Durham Students’ Union, which included staff and student members, and which undertook consultation on the issue with staff, students and alumni. For more information, please click here.

(14 Mar 2018)

View progress on the Centre for Teaching and Learning

Two cameras have been installed looking over the Centre for Teaching and Learning construction site at Lower Mountjoy. The feed from these cameras can be viewed on the project webpage, here. The cameras update every 10 minutes. 

(9 Mar 2018)

University Strategy, 2017-2027 toolkit

Colleagues preparing internal documents and presentations regarding the University Strategy, 2017-2027 are reminded that a number of resources can be downloaded from the Strategy toolkit web page. These include a summary presentation, template presentation and branding items. These resources should be used for internal documents and presentations only. All externally-facing documents must be produced by a design partner on the Communications Framework. If you have any questions or would like any help in using these resources, please email or call on x46075.

(19 Feb 2018)

Durham wins 'Best Student Community' Award.

Durham University has been awarded 'Best Student Community' in this year's National Student Housing Survey, highlighting the positive impact of the collegiate system and Durham's wider student experience offer. The survey is based exclusively on direct feedback from over 34,000 students across 200 universities and colleges across the UK. Read more about the award here

(8 Sep 2017)

University Strategy feedback

Our University Strategy 2017-2027 is a living document and we continue to welcome constructive engagement in its delivery. If you have comments or suggestions, you can make them here or email

(6 Jul 2017)

Internationalisation Strategy now online

Our new Strategy 2017-2027 includes proposals to significantly internationalise the University. We will internationalise our student body, open an International Study Centre at Queen’s Campus and partner with peer institutions around the world. Find out more here.

(28 Jun 2017)

Education Strategy online now

We want to deliver world-class education that is challenging, enabling, research-led and transformative. Our University Strategy 2017-2027 includes ambitious proposals including for a new Centre for Teaching and Learning, an Education Laboratory and a new Fair Access Strategy. Find out more at

(13 Jun 2017)

Research and Engagement Strategy now online

As a University, we prize academic independence and curiosity driven research. Our University Strategy 2017-2027 includes ambitious proposals to deliver research that is world-leading and world-changing across the whole University. These include building critical mass across the University and investing £2.8 million annually in our new Chancellor’s Scholarships for postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers. Find out more at

(8 Jun 2017)

Staff 'sleep out' to fight poverty

Several colleagues recently spent a night sleeping out in Durham Cathedral to raise money to fight homelessness and poverty, as part of the CEO Sleepout. They raised more than £1,000, and the event raised nearly £25,000 in total. Well done to all who took part.

(18 May 2017)

Cancellation of fitness classes at Fountains Hall

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, the fitness classes at Fountains Hall on Thursday lunchtimes are cancelled for the foreseeable future from 19 March 2020. We will be back in touch as soon as we know we can start them again.

(20 Mar 2020)

POSTPONED Food and Ethnicity: The Durham Experience

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19, the decision has been taken to postpone the "Food and Ethnicity" event at Durham Castle. It will no longer be held on 27 March 2020. Details of the rescheduled date will be circulated shortly. N8 AgriFood, Durham BAME Network, and Durham EDI Unit apologise for any inconvenience and disappointment caused. We do hope many of you will be able to join us on the rescheduled date. For more information please contact

(13 Mar 2020)

Family network event

Drop in and meet with other colleagues who work at the University and their families. Join in with the Celebrating Faith event on 16 November, children can decorate an Islamic-style tile to take home and take a look around the Oriental Museum. If you would like to join the Staff Network, please email

(8 Nov 2019) » More about Family network event

Hild Bede Theatre presents: The 39 Steps

Come along to this theatre production between 14 and 16 November in the Caedmon Hall at the College of St Hild and St Bede. Please visit the website to book your tickets

(8 Nov 2019) » More about Hild Bede Theatre presents: The 39 Steps

Poetry reading by Kate Clanchy

To mark the start of Lumiere Durham 2019, our Centre for Poetry and Poetics is hosting a talk and reading by poet Kate Clanchy. It will be held in the Old Library at Grey College on Thursday 14 November at 5pm. Entry is free. For more details, please visit our website. For more about Kate Clanchy, follow her on Twitter

(8 Nov 2019)

Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH): The Greatest Hits

The Institute for Computational Cosmology (ICC) is hosting a meeting of the SPH Special Interest Group on Thursday 28 and Friday 29 November. This meeting will be of benefit to all researchers with an interest in fluid mechanics and flow. A key focus of the meeting is to showcase the technology and to identify applications and interdisciplinary projects in other domains and industries (e.g. engineering, geophysics, biology etc.). To register your attendance please sign up here

(8 Nov 2019)

Staff and student shopping event

The annual staff and student shopping event will be taking place again this year. You can get 20% off retail purchases at our visitor attraction outlets from Monday 18 November to Sunday 1 December. Simply present your campus card at the following attractions to get your discount: Palace Green Library, World Heritage Site Visitor Centre, Oriental Museum or Botanic Garden. Happy Shopping!

(8 Nov 2019)

'UK-USA': Concert Band Michaelmas Concert

Durham University's Gold Award-winning Wind Band is starting off the year with a vibrant evening of music from the two sides of the Atlantic! From Mary Poppins to The Blues Brothers, Phantom of the Opera, 'Variations on America' and Holst's 'Fantasia on the Dargason' from his 2nd Suite in F, we guarantee there will be something for everyone! Join us at 7.30pm on 13 November, Elvet Methodist Church. Tickets are £5/£6/£7 and will be available on the door and online.

(1 Nov 2019)

Waste Awareness Week

It’s Waste Awareness Week 4 November until 10 November. Come along to the Library square and take part in our recycling game! Simon (Sustainability Manager, Waste and Environmental Compliance) and Ninette (Sustainability Coordinator) will be in the Calman Café on Monday 4 November from 12pm -2pm to answer any questions you have. If you want to find out more about recycling at the University, Durham County Council and Biffa will have an information stand on the Library square Thursday 11am-2pm. If the weather is bad, they will be in the Bill Bryson Café. Find out more about the waste campaign here.

(1 Nov 2019)

Durham University Writing Group, Monday 4 November

Do you ever find research and writing too solitary an activity? Durham University Writing Group can help! The group will be meeting on Mondays this term. The next session will take place in the Horsfall Room, St Chad's College, from 9am-4pm, this Monday (4 November) - feel free to drop in and out at any time. For more information, contact

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Free English Lessons

We are looking for staff and students to volunteer as English language learners and be taught by our MA Applied Linguistics students. Classes are on Thursdays 1.30pm -3pm in Elvet Riverside. Please contact for further details.

(31 Oct 2019)

French Conversation for Staff

Lunch time French conversation for staff continues this term. Come along for a natter - all levels of French welcome! Please email to join the mailing list. Meet-ups are planned as follows: Friday 15 November, 12pm – 1pm, PC003, Thursday 28 November, 12pm – 1pm, PC005, Friday 13 December, 12pm – 1, PC004.


(31 Oct 2019)

South College Kickstart Lunches

A series of informal lunches are being held for current students to find out about transferring to South College. This is an opportunity to meet Principal Tim Luckhurst and get information about the Pioneer Scholarship. Staff are welcome to come along to learn more about the college and opportunities to join the SCR. Friday 8 November,12.30pm - 2pm, Bishop's Dining Room, University College, Monday 11 November, 1pm - 3pm Vane Tempest Room, Durham Students' Union. Find out more about the South College Kickstart lunches here.

(31 Oct 2019)

Choral Music of Remembrance and Consolation

Durham Singers will once again perform at the gorgeous surroundings of Ushaw College on Saturday, 9 November at 7.30pm. As can be expected of the date and theme of the concert, the music will be quite solemn. We will sing music from Queen Mary’s as well as President J.F. Kennedy’s funeral services. If you don’t solely like just a capella singing but would like your choral music served with some instrumental accompaniment, we have a treat for you as the English Cornett and Sackbut Ensemble is performing with us. If you don’t know what cornets and sackbuts look like, better come and check it out for yourself. More information and tickets can be found on the Durham Singers website

(30 Oct 2019)

CPI Biologics Presentation and Networking Event

Interested in collaborating with industry? Would you like to work in the Biologics field? Come along to a presentation and networking event with CPI Biologics on 5 November, 10.30am to 12pm, Whitehead Room (BL201), Biosciences. All are welcome.

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Rugby World Cup Final 2019 - Live In Riverside

Come to Durham SU's Riverside Bar and Cafe from 8.00am to watch the Rugby World Cup Final!!England face South Africa in Yokohama on Saturday in a re-run of the 2007 final which England lost 15-6. Eddie Jones’ side are 80 minutes away from sporting immortality, if only they can avoid a repeat of the result.The game will be live on the big screens.

We will be fully licensed to serve drinks throughout the match and will be serving breakfast from 8:30am.Pints from £1.80, Bacon/Sausage Sandwiches £1.75, Starbucks Coffee also available. 


(29 Oct 2019)

Christian staff prayer group

A number of Christian members of University staff meet regularly to pray together. Meetings take place fortnightly on Tuesday lunchtimes, in St Mary’s College chapel, from 12.30pm to 1.15pm. Members are welcome to take their lunch. For more information, email: or

(17 Apr 2018)

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