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Durham University

Internal Communications
  • Dialogue Signposts

    Dialogue Signposts

“Dialogue Signposts is a way of sharing information with all staff and students, as well as reducing the amount of emails received. You can check the information at any time by browsing these pages, or wait for the weekly e-bulletin that will reach your inbox on a Friday afternoon.”

Should you have information to circulate please follow these procedures:

Dialogue Signposts for Staff - please fill in the designated submission form each week you wish for it to be included in the staff signpost's email.

Dialogue Signposts for Students - please fill in the designated submission form each week you wish for it to be included in the student signpost's email.

Should you need further guidance, please email

Dialogue Signposts is sent to staff and students separately, and each bulletin will include different information. Both Dialogue Signposts (Staff) and Dialogue Signposts (Students) are co-ordinated by the Communications Office. You can however, take a look at either page, whether you are staff or student to ensure you know what is going on around the University.

  • The most effective means of all-staff communication around the University. All-staff emails are now reserved solely for the communication of business critical situations or in the interest of staff safety
  • A tool for communicating messages that are more routine and operational in nature, for example: car parking notices, library opening hours, payroll deadlines, temporary office closures, and CIS maintenance
  • A tool for inviting colleagues to attend workshops, training events, Town Hall meetings and other one-off participatory events

How it works

  • Anyone may submit content for inclusion using the form which can be found at:
  • Once approved, the news items appear on the web page:
  • Every Friday afternoon an email is sent out to all staff with a short summary of each new content item with links signposting people to the web area containing more information. This means that people can choose to find out more about the items that are relevant or of interest to them.

Over to you...

To include your item on Dialogue Signposts, complete the form at

The deadline for inclusion is 5pm on a Thursday for inclusion in the next day’s email.

n.b. Dialogue Signposts (Students) are sent out during term time only; from Fresher's week in October to the end of June.