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Durham University

Internal Communications

All staff and student emails

“Our all-staff and all-student emails are predominately for emergency situations and/or in the interest of staff and student safety or for the communication of business critical or corporate information.”

  • All promotional and operational messages and other non-urgent communications should be made through Dialogue Signposts.

  • Any business critical but non-urgent messages should be pre-planned and copy sent to Marketing & Communications in advance so that scheduling can be agreed to ensure they don’t coincide with other planned messages.

Type of communication



Business critical

Where the University could suffer serious financial, legal, reputational or other damages if a function is interrupted.

  • Relocation of all teaching activity in a building due to heating issues
  • Interruption to teaching and assessment activities due to industrial action
  • Instances of a serious, contagious illness on University estate


A major incident occurs unexpectedly which demands immediate action.

  • Evacuation of a building due to flooding
  • Temporary building closures due to health and safety issues
  • Interruption to telephone services
  • Power outage on the university estate
  • Sudden, severe weather


Information that staff need to know either for legal or business reasons, for information or action, or to enable them to do their job and/or plan their work effectively.

  • Announcement of the new Vice-Chancellor
  • Updates on student safety activity
  • Staff incident/death notices
  • USS pension changes
  • Examination information