Durham University

Internal Communications

Message of the Day

Message of the Day is an additional tool for sharing information with all staff and students, however it should not be seen as a replacement for Dialogue Signposts.

Definitions and examples of use:

Category A – top priority

Business critical and emergencies


  • Relocation of all teaching activity in a building due to heating issues
  • Interruption to teaching and assessment activities due to industrial action
  • Instances of a serious contagious illness on University estate
  • Evacuation of a building due to flooding
  • Temporary building closures due to health and safety issues
  • Interruption to telephone services
  • Power outage on the University estate
  • Sudden, severe weather

Category B

University wide events/ corporate events/ Operational messages


  • VC Town Hall meetings
  • Consultation events
  • HR changes – Pension changes
  • Awards
  • Car parking notices
  • Library opening hours
  • Payroll deadlines
  • Temporary office closures
  • CIS maintenance

Category C

Any other promotional messages


  • Inviting colleagues to attend workshops, conferences and lectures
  • Publicising general University events and exhibitions

Content should be received at noon on a Friday for inclusion in the following week’s Message of the Day. To include an item please email dialogue@durham.ac.uk with the date you wish your message to appear. We will operate the Message of the Day inclusion on a first-come – first-served basis and also reserve the right to change messages in the event that a business critical/emergency message needs to be published. Please note business critical/emergency messages take priority and there is no guarantee of your item being included, although we will try our best to accommodate all requests.

This procedure is subject to change.