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Durham University

Centre for Sustainable Chemical Processes

Seminars and Events

Prof. Ken Waugh : a Career in Chemical Catalysis

A One-day Symposium

St. John’s College, Durham University, 20th September 2017

Download registration form below to attend this meeting


10.00 Registration, coffee and posters

10.30 Welcome and general ‘About Ken: a career in science’

10.40 Professor Richard Catlow (University of Cardiff and University College, London) ‘TBA’

11.30 Dr Simon Beaumont (Durham University) ‘Spectroscopies for improved heterogeneous catalyst design’

12.20 Lunch and posters

1.20 Professor Peter Gardner (Manchester University) ‘From catalysis to cancer, using advanced vibrational spectroscopy’

2.10 Dr Javad Tababataei & Dr Ben Parnham (Johnson Matthey) ‘Understanding deactivation mechanisms of a supported Cu hydrogenation catalyst in the JM-Davy 1,4-butanediol process’

2.50 Tea and posters

3.30 Dr Sam Wilkinson (Johnson Matthey) ‘Exploring the reaction mechanism of copper-based methanol synthesis catalysts using feed switching experiments’

4.10 Professor Chris Hardacre (Manchester University) ‘Developing an understanding of thermal and non-thermal plasma catalytic reactions’

5.00 Wine reception

Like us, you will have been very sad to have heard the news that Ken Waugh passed away earlier this year. Ken’s research, in the area of catalysis, coupled with his clear and logical thinking, led him to develop extremely elegant industrially-relevant heterogeneous catalysts. Though much understated by Ken himself, these findings, coupled with his detailed mechanistic insight, have had a profound impact across heterogeneous catalysis and beyond. Ken was also a firm believer in the importance of under- and post-graduate chemistry and was a dedicated, humorous and thought-provoking teacher.

To celebrate Ken’s significant contributions to heterogeneous catalysis, we are organising a one-day chemistry symposium here in Durham on Wednesday 20th September 2017, kindly sponsored by the Applied Catalysis Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry and SurCat. The speakers are: Prof. Richard Catlow (University of Cardiff and University College, London), Dr Sam Wilkinson (Johnson Matthey), Dr. Javad Tabatabaei(Johnson Matthey), Dr Ben Parnham (Johnson Matthey), Dr Simon Beaumont (Durham University), Prof. Chris Hardacre (Manchester University) and Prof. Peter Gardner (University of Manchester).

If you are interested in attending the meeting please complete the registration slip and return it to Mrs Irene Harries (Chemistry Department) by mail or email ( as soon as possible; places are limited and on a first-come, first-served basis (Deadline Monday 4th September 2017). This event to celebrate Ken’s career is free to attend, however, registration is essential. Note: there is also a poster session for PhD students, again, on a first-come, first served basis. A short (1/2 page) abstract) should be enclosed with your registration form and applicants will be informed in August if they have a poster place.

Accommodation is available (B&B) for the night of Tuesday 19th September and/or the night of the 20th September in St. John’s College at a cost £38 for a standard bedroom and £48 for an en-suite, per person per night. Please quote your requirements on the form below.

We look forward to seeing you in Durham in September.

Dr Phil Dyer & Prof. Andy Whiting



Sustainability in Industrial Chemistry Symposium

Wednesday 4th - Thursday 5th November 2015

A 2-day interactive symposium and workshop organised by postgraduate students with only industrial speakers. Topics covered will include transition metal catalysis, solvent use, biocatalysis, sustainability in R&D, green chemistry metrics, medicinal chemistry, process chemistry and safety, and GMP. There will also be a poster session, networking event and panel discussion. The event is free to attend, and is suitable for both academic (PhD students, post-doctoral research assistants and academic staff) and industrial chemists. Please contact Laura Smith to reserve a place or for more information.


September 2014

CSCP Integrated Chemical Reaction Facility Launch Symposium

Durham University 

Wednesday 24 September 2014

Durham University is announcing the launch of its £1.1M dedicated, state-of-the-art Integrated Chemical Reaction Facility (ICRF), a part of the Department of Chemistry’s Centre for Sustainable Chemical Processes (CSCP). The ICRF laboratory is custom-designed to support academic and industrial researchers by providing access to complex chemical process reactor systems and associated analytical instruments and facilities, enabling unique high pressure, high hazard, flow and parallel reactions to be undertaken in a controlled and safe environment. The ICRF provides not only access to world-class equipment, but also to expertise, advice and training from dedicated support staff, complemented by full access to the Department’s analytical facilities.

1.20 Symposium opening and welcome

1.30 Professor Bob Tooze (Sasol Technology UK)

"Catalysis on the edge"

2.20 Professor Graham Sandford (Durham University)

"Durham fluorine meets industry"

3.10 Tea/coffee

3.40 Dr Simon Beaumont (Durham University)

"Nanoparticles and in situ spectroscopy for understanding syngas conversion catalysts"

4.30 Professor David Cole-Hamilton (University of St Andrews)

"Chemicals from waste bio-oils"

5.20 Symposium close

For further details, contact:

Professor Andy Whiting

Dr Phil Dyer


July 2014

Workshop on Understanding and Optimising Chemical Processes

University of Durham

14- 16 July 2014

A 2.5-day workshop which aims to provide introductory "hands on" training for the chemistry community in the use of the statistical methodologies of Principal Components Analysis (PCA) and Design of Experiments (DoE) for both designing and optimising robust chemical processes. It is suitable for both academic (PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and academic staff) and industrial scientists interested in learning about these techniques.

Further details, including how to register your interest in attending, are available on the following website.


November 2013

Designing Heterogeneous Catalysts for Sustainable Chemistry
Prof. Karen Wilson, European Research Institute of Bioenergy, Aston University
Tuesday 26th November, 2013 in CG141 at 12.30
Contact Phil Dyer for more information
Networking events of interest:

European Raw Materials information and brokerage event
13 November 2013

Sustainable Chemicals from Microalgae
Sustainable Chemicals from Microalgae: Encompassing Biocrude Through to Fine Chemicals
19 November 2013
Royal Society of Chemistry Burlington House
The Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering Event
Congress Center Basel, Switzerland,
19-21 November 2013
Winter Process Chemistry Conference


Events and meetings hosted and organised by CSCP in 2011-2012:


November 2012

Metal catalysts for the activation of renewable resources to make polymers

Presented by Dr. Charlotte Williams, Imperial College London

7 November 2012 16:15 in CG60

Contact for more information.

CIE Prestigious lecture

Sustainable Materials: with both eyes open. 

Julian Allwood, Cambridge University

Tuesday 13th November at 6:00 p.m. in Centuria. Building, Teesside University.

He will present some novel ideas on how to preserve our resources in terms of reuse and recycling, and it promises to be an informative and entertaining evening.

Contact Sue Parker for more information


September 2012

  • The 21st IUPAC International Conference on Physical Organic Chemistry (ICPOC21) is being co-organized by CSCP's Drs David Hodgson and AnnMarie O'Donoghue.

This meeting will be held at Durham University between 9th and 13th September 2012 and has an exciting and broad line-up of plenary and keynote speakers.

Full details may be found on the ICPOC21 website


May 2012

The Durham Lectures 2012 

This year's Durham Lecturer in Chemistry is Prof. John Hartwig from U.C. Berkely (USA), who will be in Durham for the week commencing 13th May, 2012.

Prof. Hartwig will be giving a series of lectures, at the provisional time of 4.00 pm in CG93 (Dept. Chemistry):

  1. Catalysts by Design. A Case Study of Arylamine Synthesis (Monday 14th May)
  2. Selective Functionalization of Aryl and Alkyl C-H Bonds (Tuesday 15th May)
  3. Making Sense of Copper-Catalyzed Coupling Reactions (Wednesday 16th May)

Do please feel free to attend.

Prof. Hartwig is keen to talk to as many people as possible during his week in Durham. Please contact Dr Patrick Steel to arrange a convenient time.


April 2012

  • The inaugural NORSC-NEPIC Sustainable Chemistry for Industry Day will take place on the 24th April, 2012, at Ramside Hall, Durham. Further details may be found here.
  • A bilateral research and PhD programme and European Associated Laboratary (LEA) agreement between Chemistry Department's of Durham University and Université de Rennes 1, France, (jointly funded by the French national research agency, the CNRS, and Durham University has recently been signed. To showcase the diverse areas of on-going research that is being carried out jointly by researchers in the two departments a three-day mini-symposium is being held in Durham between the 3 and 5th April.

March 2012

  • Dr Chris Greenwell is organizing the first Durham University Biofuels, Science and Society Conference 2012
For details and registration information click here

This event takes place 27-29th March 2012, Holgate Centre, Grey College, Durham University, Durham.

For other Durham Chemistry Department events please go to the Events page